We are Making a Lifelong
Positive Impact on Education

We are on a mission to provide the BEST teaching and learning
experiences to educators, students and parents through
innovative software and technology.

Our Story

FlexiSAF Edusoft Limited is a Software company that is focused primarily on education. Since its inception in 2010, FlexiSAF has continued to take giants strides in reinventing learning and inspiring people to make lifelong positive impact.

With over 700 institutions, (primary, secondary, tertiary,  government parastatals and learning centres), with over 140 staff, everything we do has our clients at the epicentre. 

Our Timeline

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Our Core Values

Our mission is to transform education using technology. As we grow as a company we have 7 strong values that keep us moving and guide the way we work in order to help achieve our mission.

Be Passionate
and Committed

We believe that empowering yourself and millions of people to make a lifelong impact is genuinely noble and exciting.

Pursue Growth
and Learning

At the core of our vision is learning, and there is no better place to start than in FlexiSAF.

Be Productive While
Having Lots of Fun

Our flexibility gives us the liberty to remove all obstacles at work and be very productive. Bring passion to your work, be creative about how you solve problems and make it fun.

Build Open and
Genuine Relationships

A genuine relationship is the source of lasting goodness in the world and the path to a happy and bright life. As we continue to collaborate and work together, there are always challenges ahead.

Unleash Your Potential Through Teamwork

We believe that we can only do extraordinary things and be our best through teamwork. As team players, we are always striving to remove obstacles and enable our colleagues to succeed. The best team player is the servant-member.

Make Life Exciting By Solving Customers’ Problems

We are focused on providing the best possible experience to FlexiSAF customers. Our cause is a noble one and we believe that life is more exciting when you put a smile on the user’s face.

Be Socially Responsible to Make a Lifelong Impact

We are fortunate to be pursuing a noble cause - to inspire people to take ownership of their learning and growth, and in turn, make a lifelong positive impact.

How We Work

As we continue to grow as a company we have 3 pillars that keeps us moving and guide the way we work in order to help us achieve our mission


The enthusiasm and the excitement to do it differently and add value to students, teachers, and education stakeholders have kept us moving one milestone at a time. It’s that passion that drives the extra energy that keeps us focused on what we do beyond the 9-5 paradigm.


Staying focused on Education helps us to continue to understand the challenges of our schools and how to leverage technology to solve them. We pay attention to our users and deliver the most useful solutions that address their problems.


Our mission to transform education using technology constantly evolves through our commitment to provide quality results and valuable services that have big impacts on Education. We are responsible for our work and are committed to developing societies by transforming education.

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