Challenges Facing Educational Technology in Nigeria

Today we will be looking into the challenges facing educational technology in Nigeria.

The importance of educational technology in any county in the 21st century cannot be undermined. It improves both teaching and learning processes and ensures that students can participate from anywhere. Yet, in Nigeria, even with how digital the world is, many schools don't have any technology, not even a computer system to show the children. To find a lasting solution to the challenges facing educational technology, we must know them.

The Challenges Facing Educational Technology in Nigeria

1. Poor Leadership
From federal leadership to the different levels of leadership in the educational system, there is a form of decay that affects all growth forms. They fail to implement policies that would enhance the growth of educational technology, thereby making it challenging to get achieved. As a result, they are in better positions to facilitate this development to ensure that teaching and learning are made easy with technology in Nigeria.

2. Lack of Training
For some teachers, teaching using modern methods can be seemingly tricky, which poses a significant problem. Both the teachers and facilitators lack proper training regarding the effective use of these technologies, and because of this, they can't make use of them. In this case, the technology is not the problem but the knowledge of the teachers. As a result, schools that try to adopt technologies end up not using them or mismanaging them.

3. High Cost and Lack of Fund
The cost of fully furnishing schools with the required technology to aid teaching and learning and maintaining them is expensive since it is not common in Nigeria; many school administrators or principals would instead stick with the already existing form of education than advance.

Rather than considering the value and impact these technologies would have, more focus is usually on the cost instead, and the educational system remains as it is.

4. Slow Educational System
Notably, some schools are trying to have different functioning technologies in place, mainly private and some federal schools, but the system moves relatively slowly. So one can wonder if it is growing at all or declining.

In the educational system and even other aspects of Nigeria, we can witness the sluggish growth of technology. But, unfortunately, many still prefer the conventional way of teaching and learning. They would choose comfort to grow at the detriment of their benefit and that of their children. They fail to realize that technology even makes things easier to achieve.

5. Poor Infrastructure
Lastly, poor Infrastructure is a challenge facing educational technology in Nigeria. Most school buildings suffer from a lack of maintenance, so they can't hold major technological equipment. But, that's not all; these schools need to have regular internet connections for available e-learning and practicals. A constant power supply is also required, but the lack of stable and constant electricity would play a role in challenging educational technology.
Just as the rest of the world is advancing, it's time that Nigeria advances and adopt new ways to enhance teaching and learning. Education helps shape the future of children, so we can't just sit back and watch as things deteriorate. The different challenges listed above can be eradicated if leaders and teachers work together to ensure a change. Advancing through Educational Technology in Nigeria is a must!