Making A lifelong
Positive Impact

FlexiSAF is deeply focused on inspiring people. Want to join us in breaking new grounds? We are looking for great minds who are passionate about technology and education and ready to join the dream team.

Some benefits of
joining FlexiSAF

Health Insurance

Health is wealth and you have to be healthy to perform your best. Our HMO covers a wide range of quality medical facilities in the country.

Paid Annual Leave

Once in a while, we just want to take a breather and focus on ourselves, family or volunteer at a charity. It’s entirely up to you. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered.

Gym Membership

Here at FlexiSAF we highly encourage and promote the health and wellness of everyone.

Provision of working
tools & Stable Internet

All team members receive a  work laptop on joining the FlexiSAF Team, Cool huh?

Flexible working conditions

9 to 5, 8 to 4, 7 to 6. What’s important to us is that time spent at work is indeed productive.

Free Lunch

There’s something magical about eating together. FlexiSAF offers catered lunches every weekday. We also have free DIY breakfasts.

Ready for your next home?

If you are a “Smart Creative” who is enthusiastic in providing solutions to big problems, talk to us for an opportunity to be part of the passionate team on this mission.


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