What If We Don't Need a G&C

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

On our advocacy trips to schools, trying to raise awareness about importance of Guidance and Counselling in schools and how it should be prioritised, We have heard so many distressing statements.Some schools said “we do have a G&C, Only she also teaches home management, history, social studies…..” and so on.One school admin simply shrugged and said “well, we’ll look into it” while stifling a yawn.I am glad that those were polite because an angry school admin once said to me ‘don’t you have something better to do?”Unfortunately, these stories are endless. You might also be wondering,Why must we have a dedicated G&C?You see, assigning mentors to students has its benefits no doubt. But it’s an entirely different ball game from having a dedicated professional whose primary role is to ensure the total well being of students, and help students achieve their maximum potential.Like former first lady mrs Obama said;“We need to ensure that school counselors have what they need so that all our young people can achieve their maximum potential”Maximum potential!Plus the students will be made to put in their best, while being happy at it. So, either they turn out outstanding or extraordinary.It’s a win-winHow will it be different?When it’s a dedicated role, taken on by a passionate certified professional, so much good will ensue from it. Some of which are;It’s a dedicated role, so they are likely to focus and do it wellThey are not burdened by other tasks which might overwhelm them, therefore maintaining the warm-calm nature any counselor should have becomes easier as they are not stressedAny skilled counselor is highly skilled in helping kids solve their problems-so they’d not keep it to themselves and resort to other terrible means like drug abuseAn effective counselor will help kids identify their passion, once they do, they are well on their way to successA skilled counselor is an excellent intermediary between parent-teacher, parent-children, teacher-students and are well trained in solving these problems effectively and so many other benefits.And from these we are likely to have;Less problematic adolescentsCommitted teachers and parentsHappier and more motivated studentsLess problems with career choicesIncrease in overall academic performanceMore self confident students and so onAn overall happy, serene and organized school environment. The dream of every parent, the dream of every society!Waste no time. Grace your school with an effective G&C right now! Does your school have an effective G&C? Share some of the benefits with us.We look forward to learning from you!