TRUE STORY: Who Will Save Their Future? Part II

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

The state in which I found Abba’s community has left me extremely disheartened, the children gallivanting without restrictions among their unruly adults, some young men staggering clumsily in tattered garments appearing intoxicated, to mention a few.All of that in broad daylight! Can you imagine?It was an eyesore. I asked Abba’s mother how they are able to live in such a seemingly crude environment, she responded that the adults at least had some established traditional values that could help them stay away from the lawlessness of the place. The thing of worry, she said, is the kids. They are always so idle, left to wander nonchalantly without any effort being made to engage them with good.I asked if they had a school in the community, she replied in the affirmative took me to the local community school. The sight of the school was even more shocking. It was built with old pieces of wood and remains of cement bags. The roofs were made with nylon bags and not completely covered. Sun rays could penetrate through.

The kids were divided into two categories, the early learners(those that have never had any prior school attendance) and those who could say ABC’s, have a bit of numeracy and literacy and could speak basic english language. I met the teacher.“I wept the first time I came here.” the teacher confessed to me “A lot of misconduct happening freely. The children facing the highest form of neglect, you would see a four year old boy picking cigarette from the floor and trying to imitate the adults.”To my amazement, the children in the supposed classroom were quite enthusiastic, disregarding their shoddy environment. I asked a boy “ What do you know about smoking and drug abuse?”“It is very bad. It is not good” he responded. “It will destroy your lungs and you will die”Boy I thought Not bad at all“Quite commendable.” I said to the teacher, nodding in approvalI looked at their ramshackle classroom “So, how do you teach during the rainy season?”“We disperse and wait for the rain to stop. In the event it rains the whole day, then no classes that day. The children will be idle again, what we are desperately trying to run away from.” He said sadly. “That’s why we need your emergency intervention. If you can help us we’ll be highly grateful.”

At this point........

I was in tears, here we are complaining about our lives while living in luxury and these children are left to the mercy of their mostly irresponsible guardians in their ramshackle environment. The worst part of it? They can’t learn even if they want to because of the dilapidated state of their supposed school.

The big question

The same question rang through my head “What if these children grow up to become hoodlums or terrorists? Who will save their future?”It’s not too late. We can all come together to prevent these children from becoming wild daredevils. Because if they do, we would definitely suffer the consequences.Do you want to volunteer to save their futures? Are you also passionate about educating the children towards a better Nigeria? Hesitate not. Share your thoughts in the comments section.Or send an email to and share your thoughts!I look forward to hearing from you!