How to Make the Most of the Holidays

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Happy Holidays! We curated some interesting resources to help you enjoy the holidays and to prepare for 2018:

10 Tips to relax over the Holidays

Here are 10-top tips from teachertoolkit for every teacher to help you relax over the holidays.

How Principals can get proper staff feedback

What better time to get staff feedback than end of the year, if you're brave enough to ask for it. Hearing what you need to work on is one of the only ways you get better. And if you’ve taken on the incredibly complex and demanding job of school administrator, you probably have plenty to work on. Read to see some questions from that you should be asking.

Ultimate School Management Guide for Schools

Managing a school is a huge responsibility. If you’re tired of reading numerous articles on the web that go on about becoming a better principal, without actually providing the valuable help you need to get there, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to hone your best school admin skills with this straight-to-the-point guide for improving school management.

21 New Year's Resolution Ideas

The trouble with “New Year, new you” is, well, you’re still you, only a little more miserable because you spent January on detox. The key to a successful New Year’s resolution is making it a) worth the bother and b) achievable. Forget “must have six-pack by Easter” or “endeavour to read three books a week”, instead try some of these doable tips from GQ Magazine.

8 School Tools for holidays

These 8 (and some extra) tools, are a few picks that schools can use to make preparing for vacations less tedious than they usually are. Some of them can even be used for making the holiday more fun and interactive for the school and the students.There’s something here for teachers, school admin, students and even stuff that parents might find interesting so read on.

End of School Year Checklist

The end of the school year is an exciting time for students and teachers looking forward to some time off, but for a principal, it simply means turning the page and starting over again. A principal’s job is never over and a good principal will use the end of the school year to search for and make improvements for the upcoming school year. The following are suggestions offers for principals to do at the end of the school year.

Our Top 10 Edu blog posts for 2017: Educators, Schools

We’ve published a lot of interesting content this year about everything from teaching resources to ed-tech guides, school improvement how-tos and more! And It’s no problem if you’ve been too busy to read them all.If you’d like a quick catch up, click to see 10 of our most popular posts of the year to get you prepared ahead for 2018.

Ideas to Motivate Teachers next term

Given the state of school budgets, it is extremely difficult for most principals to do substantial things to motivate and inspire teachers. But sometimes little things can make an even bigger difference! That's why Education World recently asked some principals to share some of their best ideas for keeping teachers motivated. Here are some practical ideas.

6 New Term Goals for Teachers

However great last year (or last term) was, there is always room for improvement and we know that improvement is best achieved by having clear goals. So, What kind of teacher do you want to be this term? What were your challenges last term and how will you prepare to avoid them this time around? Read to see some popular new term goals you can make.

Do you have any favorite Holiday articles/lists? Share with us in the Comments below. Happy Holidays

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