Thoughts From AbdulAzeez: What Is The Difference?

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Walking through the street, I see people who drive themselves to work, people that are driven to work, people that cannot even own a car. I see kids who have all they ever wanted, some that have just what they need, and some who cannot even afford anything at all.

I ask myself, what is the difference between all these people. Why must one person have it all and some have just barely what takes them for a day? I simply wonder because the answer to this question is something I really want to find out and how can this be smaller. The margin between those that have and those that do not have.

For me, the difference can be made smaller in a lot of ways. Simply telling the person you meet you believe in them, that they can be what they want to be is a long way to make this happen. Some people are treated as if they do not exist. How then can they believe that they indeed exist?

Never think that everything would continue the way it is. Things change and for things to change for the better, we have to be conscious of the people around us and how they can also be improved. Only when we think of these people can we really improve the difference.

Simply because you have today is not enough indication that you would have tomorrow. Always think beyond what your current situation is and how you can grow beyond your current situation. See a man on the street who dreams beyond today, he would make it one day.

You need to be ready to grow beyond what your current circumstance is. Your current circumstance is not the ultimate. Seek to improve your growth, seek to find a way to make things better than they currently are. This is the only way to make a difference and be different.

Only when you question what the status quo is, then you can begin to think growth. So the way to fix the difference, never be satisfied with the status quo. Seek to change and improve every day.

Only when your thoughts are beyond your circumstance, only then can true growth happen. The difference should not stop you, the difference can always be amended. But first, you need to be willing and ready to challenge the status quo.