The Power Of Silence

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Many times, we want our voice and our opinion to be heard. So we talk about it and want others to listen to what we have to say and perhaps become a better person in the conversation. Most times, when others are talking, we tend to wait for the point to interject and pass across our own message.

This creates an unending loop where everyone wants to have their voice heard without anyone ever listening. Maybe we have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen more and talk less. But is that the case.

For me, I have come to a realization that the best way to pass a message across is if there are a speaker and a listener. A listener who actively listens and a speaker who actively speaks.

It is important not only to listen but to speak with all concentration and effort. To remove all distractions and speak to the person or group of people you are speaking to with an undivided attention. In return, the listener should listen without any form of distraction to all the speaker has to say.

Only then can we indeed communicate. So many means of communication abound these days but how many of us truly communicate? All we want is to pass our message across without ever thinking if the other person’s message has been clearly understood.

If you are to be a better person than you currently are, it lies in doing some small things like listening more. Rather than always having something to say, keep what you have to say aside and listen intently to what the other party wants to say.

Not only do you just listen, the speaker feels a connection with the listener such that the best words are what are said. We speak beyond what our mouth says. When we listen, we can better understand what the other person is trying to communicate. Sometimes, we mean something else but say something else, but our body always gives us out.

So only when you listen can you draw on the powerful message the speaker is passing across. We are so distracted every day by a lot of things that listening seems to be an arduous task. Phone notifications, world news, and much more are trying to grab our attention and the only way out of it is if we truly take time to listen.

When you listen, the words not said are better understood, the emotions not shown are seen, and the message sent is better understood. You can always get better at listening.

Start today and only promise to speak with no intention of saying anything. In the end, we become better learners since every activity in our lives is a lesson and a meaning is always attached.

Only when you listen can you get the best. Start today and seek only to listen. When you listen, the words are better understood and life gets better for both the speaker and the listener.

Thanks and God Bless.