Grow Your Network

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

You can not do everything by yourself. This means that you would need other people to help you out with one thing or the other. One of the best way to do this is through friends and networks that you trust and can rely on.

But getting someone to trust these days can really be a very daunting or herculean task. Some people have even given up on finding people that they trust. So they just move on with no trust for anybody.

But sometimes, to get something, you must be willing to give something in return. Do you say you want someone who is trustworthy? Okay, then the first question is if you are indeed a trustworthy person. If you are, then that is the first step and not the only step.

You have to prune and get only those friends that meet that criteria and do not settle until you have achieved that. Your network is very important and you might not get all you are looking for in one person and that means that you need to grow quiet a number of friends and allies.

So it is important to grow your network among your friends, colleagues, mentors and other people that you mentor. It is important that you grow this network because whether you like it or not, human beings are emotional creatures and doing our down moments, we need these people in our lives. And not only during our down moments, we need them everyday to make us better.

So grow your family, friends, colleagues and other networks that are very important in life. We feel like we can do it all but sometimes it makes sense that we tell others that we need help and it is important that we get it from the right set of people.

So look carefully today at the people you spend your time and energy with. Are they adding to your energy or taking away from it? Cut off the ones that drain your energy and only infuse you with regret and low self esteem. Find the ones that make you a better person everyday.