Focus On The Process, Not The Product

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

For many of us, life does not always go as planned. As such, things happen that were not what we earlier planned for. Some of them we understand and enjoy, others we feel sad and unhappy about them happening.

The decisions that happen might not always obviously look to favor us but in the end, it always makes sense. It always makes sense that things happened the way it did even if we do not understand it at the moment.

For me, these little things have included getting something which was not what you planned or hoped for but that thing turning out to be the best thing that has ever happened to you. So it matters that we do not focus on the end product, but to also focus on the process life is taking us through and to enjoy every bit of it.

It is about those days that I did not have what to eat that makes the days I have something to eat unforgettable. It is not about having something to eat, it is what has happened from the beginning up until this point. So no matter where you currently are, it does not determine where you would end. You have the opportunity to turn things around if you focus on the process.

The process might be something you do not like. Maybe a plan you had for your life simply just got evicted and you need to come up with a new plan. Enjoy the process you are currently in, that moment when you feel like everything might just end. Enjoying it does not mean to wish it keeps happening, enjoying it by understanding the situation and all the lessons that abound which you can learn from the experience.

Life would not always go as planned and as such, from time to time, we experience rejection, calamity, and some other things we never wish happened. But even when they happen, we need to understand that this too will pass. This moment you dread would pass, this moment you are enjoying would pass. This life you are living would also pass. Everything, in the end, passes away.

So live life in its moment with great hope and happiness that whatever you wish for would only come at its appointed time and the appointed place. If things do not go according to plan, face it and experience it.

The numerous lessons it contains would, in the end, make the experience a worthwhile one. Life is not guaranteed to be great for us at all times, so when it goes fine, be happy and when it does not go well also, be happy. Tomorrow is a new slate to start again.