Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Sometimes we want to push ourselves to our limits with the hopes that everything works, to give your best. But life happens and things do not go as planned. We feel unhappy and devastated. In such moments, we tell ourselves that we might indeed have not been good enough for the process and that we might need something else.

For me, this happens. Recently, I have been rejected by 3 top Universities in the US which I hoped to have gained admission into. This made me think if I was ever good enough for those schools. However, I have come to realize that the reason why I did not get might have nothing to do with my qualifications.

A lot of the reasons might be due to where I come from and the network of the university I am seeking to apply into. To get in, I might need to do something greater that would attract the attention of the schools I want to get into.

Well, this does not serve in any way to make me feel better. But I have learned that I can do a lot more to get in next year and that might have nothing to do with who I am as a person. It might simply be due to some reasons I currently cannot control. It is not my fault I grew up in a developing country where people who write my reference letters are not very renowned outside of my country and a lot more reasons.

So, I need to in time learn to not be too hard on myself about why I did not get in. This article does not in any way want you to condone mediocrity in your life but to make you understand that sometimes, you have done the right thing and it was not something about you that caused the result you currently have.

For me, I have learned to always learn as much as I can from any situation and find the best way out rather than thinking it was something about me that caused the outcome. I have learned to forgive myself in a lot of ways and be happy with the outcome knowing that I did the best I could have in the end.

So to you out there, learn first to give your best to whatever you are doing and in the end, the outcome should not make you feel bad. All you need to tell yourself is that you have given the best that you ever can. The only question to always ask is “Have I given my best today?”. Answer that and you can sleep with no fear or doubt in your mind that the outcome could have been no other way.

Have a great day and be your best. That is what matters.