What is Stopping you?

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

I recently realized I wanted something but kept procrastinating about how I am going to get it. What I want is to prepare and take my GRE exams but every day I find a wonderful, auspicious reason to tell myself that I would start tomorrow. Too many tomorrows have passed and I am yet to get started with the tempo that I want. I must have found a way to belie my wishes. I really do want to get my GRE. I so much want to get it that I am willing to be more gregarious with people who also have the same goal.

But this is also happening to a lot of us. What is that thing you want so badly but you convince yourself that you cannot get it? You assure yourself that it is only meant for the great among us. We seldom talk about what we want and become laconic about our goals. We develop a sense of brevity in the use of words to explain our goals. We reprimand ourselves when we even try. We chastise, castigate, censure or reprimand ourselves when we dare try to think of what we want to achieve.

We begin to think in terms of what we want not happening. What if I do not get the job or money I intended to get? What If? No matter what is stopping you, you can only get better when we decide to get better than we used to. It is when we say to ourselves that minimum is no longer acceptable. It is by looking in the mirror and saying that this day shall pass whether I achieve my goal or not. Then make the best use of the day.

I have decided to look straight at what is stopping me. The fear that I may not be able to get enough finance in the time when I prepare for my GRE and take a break from work. But who says I need to be broke. I can still find ways to compliment my finances while still preparing for my GRE. But even if I do get financial issues, would it not be better I face it now than face it 20 years from now when I would wish I did what I was most afraid of?

What separates a successful person from the unsuccessful? The successful person is able to look at his/her problems, pray about it and go straight to solving it. Nothing more. But most of us whine and complain about our problems without ever doing anything about it. We wish everything was perfect. Then we would also be better. Well, you know for sure that everything would never be perfect if you continue to wait for it to be perfect without doing anything about it.

So ask yourself today about what you need to do. Think about what is stopping you and move straight to fighting that. It is not the lack of knowledge that limits us, it is the abundance of fear in our hearts that limits us.

Never set a goal so small that you would achieve it because that creates a comfort zone where you would forever feel successful while you are indeed languishing in a pot of misery.

Start today. Fight that which is stopping you.