Silence; a Form of Speech

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

A lot of the time, we want our ideas and opinions to be heard. We want our presence and impact to be felt by the people around us. So we seek any means possible to achieve this. But note that it is not always about what we do, it is about how we do it.

What we want to do sometimes might be a very good thing, but following the wrong way might just make it all wrong. Sometimes, to make an impact or an opinion, we fall into the valley of arguments. We say what we believe or know to be the right thing and the other person also says the same.

But sometimes, to make a point, all we need to do is to be quiet. By being quiet, we simply pass on a message. A message so quiet that it creates some of the best results. Our colleagues and friends would come to respect us for that. I do not mean that we should always be quiet in every situation, but rather evaluate the situation and understand that it is better to be quiet at some point.

Take for example, in your marriage life, you see something which is clearly the truth but your partner sees it in another way. You already know that both of you are obstinate about your decision. You need not continue in the path of disapproving the ideas of your partner but to rather accept and give up the wonderful argument moments which might result in things not expected. Sometimes, in the silence, we have a break to really think about the whole situation and also probably have a paradigm shift about the whole situation.

When you have gone through the same situation as your enemy, you would definitely do the same thing as him. But you cannot know this if you do not take some few steps back and reevaluate the whole situation. A period of silence creates that. A period of silence creates a medium of deep thought about what really you are talking about.

So take as a lesson today the spirit of silence in situations when you believe arguments or other issues might rise up. This does not mean to keep quiet when bad things happen, it simply means to keep quiet when you know that your lack of silence might indeed lead to a bad thing.

Thanks for Reading.