Why Parent-Child Relationship Must Be Bolstered

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

One of the most important parts of any society is the family and the unity of the family is one of the most important parts of the family. Due to this correlation, one can conclude that one of the most important parts of the society is the unity of the family. But how is the current level of unity in our modern families? Are the unity and love getting any better or worse?

Families are made up of parents and their children. Beyond simply reproducing, families are meant to help inculcate the right moral and social habits into their children. Understanding of moral and social habits varies among families but there are still some underlying agreements between all families.

To improve and make child development an easier task, parents must seek to first establish a strong relationship between them and their children. A Strong relationship is not only limited to loving the child unconditionally. This trait is naturally inbuilt into every parent. So beyond loving our children, parents must go the extra length to develop a strong, friendly and parental bond with their children. A lack of these is one of the fundamental issues a lot of societies face today.

Consider for example if the parents are well grounded in the area of moral and social right, then such parents love their kids without condition and also have a strong bond with such parents. Just imagine how beautiful such family would be. It would be wonderful and also imagine if every family is like that. Our community and our nation would indeed be a better place to live in.

But at this point, if you ask every parent, they would definitely say they love their kids and have a strong relationship with their kids. But some few questions would be needed to indeed prove that.

  1. Do you know exactly all your child’s activities during the day? At least you do not know the specifics but you can vouch for your child at every point during the day.
  2. Do you know any issue bothering your child? Is your kid willing to tell you all their secrets without fear of prejudice?
  3. Do you spend quality time with your child? Or are you busy building the perfect future for your kid? A future you are not indeed sure of and you are busying wasting the present.
  4. Do you have time set out to discuss with your kids on personal issues?

Well answering the above questions would definitely determine if you are indeed very close and in good terms with your kids. Some parents might actually answer well to all the question but are doing a really bad job in over loving their kids.

They want no harm to touch their kids. So they protect their kids from any harm. A teacher at school simply screams at your kid and your move all your arsenals to the school to humiliate and disgrace the teacher.

Are you overprotective of your child? What he/she is supposed to do, you take their place and do it for them denying them of all they should have learned. Some kids are 20 but still reason like a 12-year-old because they are yet to experience what it really means to be a child. Their parents have sheltered them from it.

This does not mean that parents should open their kids to all forms of attacks but parents should be able to know when to draw the line between loving and over loving their kids. By over loving our kids, we set them up to be completely dependent on us and this is not very good for our dynamic world where people need to be as independent as possible.

To advise, parents should develop strong bonds with their kids so that they are able to know their kids better and also not to over love their kids because everything done in excess is not good.

Parents, develop bonds with your kids and also allow them to do some of the things that would in future make them more independent than dependent on you.

Our children are our love, but we need to be careful how we love and care for them.