Building Strength through Challenges

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Every single day of our lives, we are challenged. Directly or indirectly, our fundamental beliefs are challenged, our way is challenged, almost in every area of our lives. But would life be any better if we were never challenged at all? Would we rather prefer to live life without any problems? Well, I do not know how much we would like that. But life would be better if we indeed faced our challenges and got better at facing them.

The human muscle grows stronger when it faces a challenge, it breaks and dies. Another muscle grows in place of the previous muscle and gets better and stronger than the previous muscle. It derives it strength having been challenged previously. So in whatever area of life we find ourselves, challenges would always come. How we meet them is the most important thing.

When we are challenged, a certain way of life we believe or are used to is always questioned. So it becomes really difficult to function because we are now working outside an environment we once were used to. It feels difficult at first to get used to the life. But once we get used to it, we become better at two fields. Our previous way of life and the new way of life. So we have indeed grown. But explaining it this way makes it seem much easier than it actually is. But we can always try.

In whatever situation that we are in, for the current challenge that you are facing, imagine you have no other option than to fix the problem. How would you go about it? If you are in a relationship that is being challenged, in a workplace that is being challenged, how do you face your challenges and get better at it? Do you simply give up and say it can never work out? Do you simply lament and complain about the situation of things and hope an angel out of nowhere fixes your problem? Well, that is possible but I doubt if it is in this planet.

So today, take a different look at your challenge. Relax and assure yourself that this challenge would only make you stronger. Nothing more. You would become a better version of yourself and nothing more. This is the way to start your day. Whatever I am going through now would only make me better. I can always face this challenge. By having a challenge at something, we are been challenged, and according to one of Newton’s Law, actions and reactions are equal and opposite. The more you react better, the more you get better at facing challenges.

So rise today and face it. Make it and give it all you have.