Talk2Me: Fostering Confidence In Our Girls

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Once upon a time I met a teenager. Her name was Hauwa, though she was smart and pretty, she lacked a very important trait - Confidence. Yes, confidence. She was always unsure of herself. It got me thinking, how can a girl this pretty and smart be so unsure of themselves? Could we blame it on parenting or our conventional school systems?You know, I have come to realise that girls like Hauwa aren’t few. In fact, it’s quite the opposite - that number increases by day. But are we comfortable with this? Leaving our jewels - Our girls to the mercy of their unsure egos? I don’t think so because a lack of confidence makes them more vulnerable, easily taken advantage of and more prone to disregard and belittlement.

So, what’s the solution?The solution is simple. We need to start fostering confidence in our girls from a young age. Parents will do this by giving reassurance and praises, bearing in mind that the goal is confidence - not pride.Our school systems need to have strong mentorship and guidance counselling activities. Through these activities, we then encourage platforms where our girls can communicate, speak out and be taught why the world needs them to grow up strong and confident - not afraid of showcasing their talents.We need to identify the passions of our girls and encourage them to go for them - as long as they are good and realistic. Because if they follow their passion, they won’t get bored or exhausted. They will see every new day as an opportunity to get better. Hence, no time for idle pursuits.So, How do we go about this?We need to identify the need for this deep within us first. Then begin to raise the awareness like I am doing right now. We need to prioritize on social and emotional intelligence. And the societies’ need for strong, confident young ladies.Because girls are the homemakers, the leaders and the future of the world. Join SAF Talk2Me now and raise a toast to a world with greater women leaders! Cheers!What do you think about raising confident ladies? Share your thoughts with us in the form below!