Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

So, where were we? Right, I remember.

I was telling you what’s in SAF Talk-2-Me for you. I mentioned 85% percent improvement in behavior of your students, You think that’s all? No! No way near!

Let me remind you that SAF Talk-2-Me is here to help you understand first of all why you need to emotionally engage students to gain top performance and after you understand it, how to implement it.

Great researchers have found and released findings on the direct impact of emotions on learning, One of such great works is by expert Priscilla Vail, Who wrote “Emotion is an on/off switch for learning…the emotional brain, the limbic system, has the power to open or close access to learning, memory, and the ability to make connections.”

Another such works is by expert Candy Lawson who says:

“Emotions and learning occur in the brain. Learning means acquiring knowledge or skills. Learning requires thinking. Our thoughts influence how we feel. How we feel influences how we think.”

So, to cut a long story short, it is clear that students who are emotionally disengaged do not even connect to learning the material. While there is potential, the zeal is not there. That’s why the implementation of a successful and effective guidance and counselling system cannot be overemphasized.

From home, these emotions need to be understood and well catered for and extending to the schools where this can be achieved through effective guidance and counselling. A dedicated counselor whom these students can trust and open-up to, and feel a connection with.

Your take home:

According to psychologist Dr Shannon Kolakowski, the following are signs of emotional well being:

  • Prosociality-treating others well
  • Feeling good about who you are
  • Flexibility- Can adapt to all kinds of situations
  • Appreciation for others especially loved ones
  • Emotional intelligence - You are in tune and in control of your emotions,anger,anxiety etc.
  • You have a meaning and purpose in your life
  • And finally, You value Self-fulfillment more than material acquisition;”Is it a wonder why celebrities seem suicidal?

The above points also denote the qualities of a positive human being! Is that not what we want our students to be! That’s what’s in it for you in SAF Talk-2-Me! Positive great members of the society thus becoming invaluable leaders of tomorrow!

Let’s achieve that now! Through the SAF Talk-2-Me Strategy!