Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Ring ring. Ring ring.] School admin 1 picks up “Hello.” School admin 2 “Hi trisha how are you?” Trisha “Ohh Grace. It’s been awhile how’s Success international school?” Grace “It’s great, we thank God. Am sure Lakeside is as great as ever?” Trisha [sighs]. Well it’s nothing we can’t handle, let’s say it’s great” Laughs. Grace “‘Actually I called to ask if you’ve heard about SAF Talk-2-Me Campaign?” Trisha “oohh by FlexiSAF right? Our ICT solutions providers?” Grace “Yes that’s exactly what I’m referring to, I got a couple of emails and a flier from them regarding the campaign but I want to know first WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? What will I gain from it?” What’s in it for me? The usual question asked when introduced to something, right? Ok People, Here’s what’s in it for you in SAF Talk-2-Me.

If you took a glimpse of the flier, you’d have found it encouraging you to connect more emotionally with your students through guidance and counselling. Let me remind you again, the successful psychologist and national consultant on professional learning Raymond wlodkowski said “Students come to school wanting a personal connection more than the need to learn content, Satisfying this need effectively therefore, through a strategy he named the 2*10 Strategy, will lead to an 85% improvement in behaviour.”

Ummmmm! How do we achieve that now? A personal connection? Is that possible?

Off course it is! We can achieve that through effective guidance and counselling! Note the effective there, that means not only doing it, but doing it well, is what matters.

As Conant(former president, Harvard university) rightly said “It would not be too much to say that in the success or failure of our guidance programme, hangs in all probability, the success or failure of our education system.”

See! That’s the solution. Successful Guidance and Counselling system! If they are well guided and counselled, They can handle almost anything. Raymond proposes 85% improvement in behaviour! 85%!! Can you just IMAGINE! Wooww! A dream come true.

If this is just behaviour, imagine what it would do to their academics!

Here’s a quick question “Would you rather have a very intelligent child who is antisocial and violent due to emotional neglect, Or an averagely excelling child that’s very well behaved, polite and cooperative?”

Well, I would go for the second child because the one with behavioural problems doesn’t seem to have a very promising future. And with sufficient guidance and support, the averagely excelling child would begin to excel beyond expectations. I could go on and on about kids that were very intelligent and ended up as problematic adults! And I am afraid to say those kinds of people are becoming more rampant in our society. Could insufficient guidance be the problem? It could just be.

That’s what’s in it for you in SAF Talk-2-me, FlexiSAF cares about you and your wards/students and we want to see you reach the greatest of heights! Academics alone cannot achieve that! We need well guided students with clear visions and a passion to contribute to society by giving

the best of themselves!

Implement the SAF Talk-2-Me strategy now!