Talk-2-Me: Developing your child's passion

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Meet Joshua, another brave little code guru in the making. Joshua had just concluded his JSCE examinations and had a long holiday. His mum was wondering how she could engage her son through a holiday of almost three months. It just seemed too long. She wondered how he could stay engaged without getting bored. So what did she do?Luckily for her, his school had already sent a proposal to us to fit in Joshua and a classmate of his in our FIP (FlexiSAF Internship Programme), and Joshua started coming in. It was meant to go on for just 3 weeks, but when Joshua laid his hands on coding, he fell completely in love. That was all he wanted to do. Hours and hours on end without getting bored. Joshua remained much longer after his internship programme, to continue developing his coding skills. Now, that’s what you call a passion.What is Joshua saying?Joshua says “Some people say programming is too hard or you have to be a Math genius before you can code, but for me i think programming can be fun for those who have the passion for it. I think you got to find out about it yourself and soon you will find yourself in a very great place!”And guess what? That great place Joshua refers to could be Silicon Valley, Google or even Microsoft, those are indeed great places to be. Or what’s even greater could be developing applications as young as teen-age. Yes, teenage. Is that not a dream come true for every parent or administrator? Indeed it is!So, wondering how to achieve this?Can you achieve this by your child staying at home? The answer is no.You need to expose your child to an opportunity of getting a very good introduction to programming. That will give him/her the opportunity to discover their passion. And the good news is, even if the passion is something else, those few moments of coding will make them great thinkers. Like the late Steve Jobs said “Everyone should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you to think”.Where to learn?Wondering where to learn? Look no further. Because we’ve got you covered. Enroll your child in FlexiSAF’s KidCoders Summer Program and thank us later. And guess what? SAF Talk-2-Me will also work with your child to help them discover that passion we are talking about. They will also be trained on leadership and productivity.Start building that great future for your wards RIGHT NOW!Join hands with SAF Talk-2-Me now to build great leaders for a greater Nigeria. Log on for a great article every Tuesday and don’t forget to leave your comments.See you soon! In your very own school!