Talk-2-Me: What About The Almajiris? Part 2

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

So, where were we on our Almajiri talk?I mentioned in the previous article that the first question asked was how we can get political will into the Almajiri system. Then came the second discussion, “How can we introduce positive reforms into this system?”A gentleman from the panelists retorted “Considering how Nigeria is going, a reform is almost impossible.”Uproar from the audience. Heads shaking.Hands making gestures this way and that.“Off course it’s not impossible”“It might be tough but impossible sounds hopeless”“You need to try and keep trying”Farida had to intervene ”Okay, okay please can we have a single house here?”Some order restored.A man named Ibrahim from the audience raised his hand and was given the permission to speak. He said “Saying a reform is impossible is just too extreme. However, for a system that has been neglected for this long, introducing any kind of reform will be an extremely tedious job. You may not get a single malam or parent to cooperate with you. I think the most important thing to do now will be to pray and then start introducing it one at a time.”“Also remember that these Almajiri’s are not interested in studying in the first place. They don’t even have proper feeding, you find them just about everywhere, in the market places, Amigo, Shoprite, Banex you mention them. We first have to take care of their feeding, including the Malams before we can get any form of cooperation from them.”What about FlexiSAF’s Contribution?Farida asked me, “So far FlexiSAF has been able to make a name in the ICT industry. They’ve been able to offer solutions to the educational system. So, how do you think FlexiSAF can also help the Almajiri system?”I responded “Indeed, FlexiSAF has been able to create quite a good reputation for itself in terms of offering software solutions to the conventional educational system. Talking about the Almajiris, like Ibrahim mentioned, take care of their stomachs first. After that, FlexiSAF can then come in, and start by enlightening these boys, making them aware of their innermost passions, wake up that drive within them for pursuing the right purpose of their lives which has died over time. ”“We can also introduce ICT to them, and with the proper funding we can bring in personnel and resources that can cater for a large group in a short span of time…….”Was that all?......The answer is no. But I’d like to stop this gist right here. If you want to follow up on FlexiSAF’s nonprofit works, then subscribe to Talk-2-Me by filling the form below!STAY TUNED! And watch out for FlexiSAF and the Girl Child! Coming soon!See you soon! Wherever you are!