Should I continue to Code?

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Techie thoughts from Abdulazeez

Things happen for a reason. That is what I have learnt in the past few days. I've always loved to be the best at what I do. But sometimes, I feel I am inadequate or not competent enough. Well, I don't know why I feel that way but I think it happens to a lot of people. You try all the possible best you could ever have tried and you realize you have missed one important step. You feel weak and ridiculous, you feel unwanted and you try all you can to salvage the situation.

But sometimes I ask myself if maybe I am incompetent and I maybe got my job by luck. A lot of depression sets in and I wish the situation was over even before it started. Anyways, I have also learnt of a word called Quitter and I am not ready to be that.

All I know is challenges would always creep in. What matters is that we present our best effort to that problem and know that we did the possible best we could ever have done. Nothing more. After graduating from school, I thought I would get a job and all my worries would be over. But I have come to realize that a certain form of worries would go away and another would simply creep in.

Worries about when to go for lectures and preparing for tests would definitely be over. But worries about becoming better at your job, getting a pay raise, getting a better job, meeting a nice and lovely lady/man to marry would be the next worries to battle with.

So to answer my own question on whether I should continue to code, The answer is YES. I would continue to code for as long as I am capable of coding. As long as Allah gives me more strength and power to code. I would continue to code and become a programmer to help encourage all those who are out there and are having a bad day like I am. Today is not the end, keep trying. I have to be better than I was yesterday is my mantra.

I have also realized that why we sometimes feel inadequate is because we are sometimes inadequate. But the best thing is to realize it and work at becoming better. Get to read more books, practice more hands-on programming and do things you have never imagined possible. It takes time to become better.

Just assume that the challenges you are currently facing are meant to mine the goodness out of you. Realize that until gold is mined and refined, it's real value is never exposed. So go through your challenges with your head held high and give in the best you have all day long. Take every day as it comes and you would definitely be the best at the end.

I say to myself, Do not give up. Keep coding!