September Newsletter

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

We’re sure you will enjoy this month’s newsletter. It’s a combination of only the most interesting things we’ve been up to in August and September, including some updates from you and top tips for starting the new term. Enjoy!Recently, for one of our weekly Teacher’s Challenges, we decided to put out this Question to our community on Instagram:

Why do you Teach?

We were surprised by the number of truthful, inspiring responses we got, so we decided to share some of them with you our readers.If you’re in need of some inspiration, check out what other teachers like yourself have to say about why they love their job! We were recently featured in Daily Trust’s Teen Trust! In the interview, our CEO spoke about the role of Technology in transforming education in Africa. You should grab a copy if you haven’t. Not only to see our interview (which you can find in the September 19th issue), but to encourage literacy skills in students. The publication features nice articles and stories from student writers and reporters that everyone would enjoy. However great last year (or last term) was, there is always room for improvement and we know that improvement is best achieved by having clear goals.So, What kind of teacher do you want to be this term? What were your challenges last term and how will you prepare to avoid them this time around?In setting goals, you have to keep in mind that you cannot change everything at once. But you will need to start from somewhere. Here are some ideas to help you get started: We were Techpoint’s StartUp of the Month for August! They visited and talked to us about our mission in the Nigerian Educational space and beyond. Read the full feature:Faiz Bashir always knew he would end up as an entrepreneur. As a young boy of 12 who already had an eye for software, he couldn’t help but observe the management of his secondary school try to computerise exam/result computation for a number of academic sessions…New tabs have been added to the SAFSMS profile page for all students. The admin is now able to view the following new tabs; student biodata, father’s information, mother’s information, guardian’s information, and medical information for each student. The forms simply need to be filled and saved so there is easy access to the student’s information when there is a need for it.Find out more about this update here

An Almajiri, is a learner who searches for knowledge at home or on transit, and a Mabaraci is a beggar who begs for alms on streets, public places e.t.cA few days ago, I (Amina Abubakar) and a colleague of mine attended a forum organized by Ja Muje, a citizen-led initiative of Northern lifeNG, that is planning a synergy between governments and educational institutions to achieve sustainable development in communities of northern Nigeria.The forum was organized to discuss the challenges faced by the Almajiri system of education and what difference we (as good citizens and organizations) can make.Have you heard about FlexiSAF’s Teachers Challenge? It’s a weekly contest on Instagram where teachers answer slightly challenging questions each Friday to win big prizes for themselves and their school. You should be a part of it, or tell a teacher you know!We've had a lot of winners so far and the latest is Afolabi from Hill City College, Ibadan.To enter, simply follow @flexisaf now on Instagram and watch out for our posts every Friday. Goodluck! And see you in our next newsletter issue.