Season's Greetings to Our Esteemed Clients

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Season's greetings and happy New Year. FlexiSAF heartily welcomes you back for second term, 2011/2012 session. This term is going to be very interesting. We have got lot of good news for you!While schools were on holiday, our dedicated staffs have tirelessly worked in order to make your school records' management easier and more efficient. We have worked on the feedback we got from you the previous term to make SAF SMS more user-friendly for your staff.We congratulate you for choosing SAF School Management Software (SMS) to manage your students' records. Last term we upgraded your software to our new web-based version that comes with numerous features. SAF SMS 2.0 is very flexible and supports different configurations for all the school sections (Pre-Primary, Primary, JSS, SSS).The result analysis in SAF SMS 2.0 is very comprehensive. It provides analysis in every assessment (for all subjects and overall) such as the average score in class, highest score in class, and lowest score in class.We are glad to inform you that we have introduced more features in terms of SMS Alert to parents. Parents would be regularly provided with important statistics in regards to their children's result. Examples of some of the statistics include:• Student's weak subjects, average subjects and strong subjects.• Very weak subjects that require special consideration• Very strong subjects that require more encouragement• Subjects with boundary grades that require encouragement to scale to the higher grade• Marks required by a student to obtain a certain gradeOur support for all your needs on students' records management for this term (and thereafter) will even be more prompt and effective with the new structure of our support department.We will continue to guarantee your Return On Investment (ROI) with our continuous support and upgrades of SAF SMS.We congratulate you once more for choosing SAF SMS.Sincerely,Faiz Bashir.CEO