School Management Problems: 4 Simple Ways to Overcome Them

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Are you struggling with management problems in your school? You are not alone. Many of the complaints from school heads relate to management problem. However, the good news is that there are fixes to every problem. As such we helped compile four simple steps to overcome your problems.

Organizational Structure

The structure and nature of an organization greatly defines its success or failure. For the reason that no two things can be the same; two schools cannot have the exact same result by adopting one thing. Can you guess which is the better system between:

  • A system in which all information passes through a single channel before it is dispensed to all other parties
  • A system where several nodes extend as an individual channel

If you guessed the second point I'm afraid you're...right! Think about it, if there existed a sole decision maker at the tip top of a system where all schedule, pending and finished tasks had to be communicated to...that would be problematic. The capacity of the human brain compared to machine's in terms of sorting workload greatly differ from one another.No matter how organized enough the first point seems, it is unrealistic. A school consists of many important arms that all need attention -some more than others. To avoid clashes it's best to have a system that manages all academic, accounts and store records as well as communicating vital information to responsible or concerned parties. A software solution that allows academic and administrative staff to work effectively and efficiently -without delays. Such that certain information is accessible to the public to help in facilitating other tasks that are dependent on the completion of others. A school management software robust enough to allow all users to access the portal simultaneously by distributing power among all the different local authorities. e.g. Head, Form & Class teachers as well as Accounts, Store & Medical officers e.t.c.


This is a close, harmonious relationship where the people or groups concerned understand each other's feelings or ideas and communicate well. Without a doubt, this is the most essential part of any organization involving large groups of people. To paint a picture, if people at a particular part of a market square had no knowledge of a fire that started at another part of the market there would be complete chaos the instant everyone realizes what is happening. Likewise in a school when there is miscommunication, instability is introduced.A parent is interested in his child's progress in school and if there is any hindrance in performance they should be alerted at once. The general Parent-Teacher meeting conducted sporadically cannot cover in detail, all of these for every student in one sitting. We all spend a great deal of time in school due to the education system and so teachers are in the best position to relate what their students are truly like in terms of understanding, reasoning and thinking to concerned parties. A solution that captures not only academic performances but also cognitive behavior will solve this need and bridge any communication gap between these parties.

  • How a child behaves in group, individually, in class and outdoors?
  • Does he/she posses any (leadership) skills worth building on?
  • Are they struggling or excelling in a particular subject?

Teachers, Parents and Students should be able to express concerns, communicate errors and solutions to problems to one another. If the software could engage parents with clear, relevant real-time reporting about their children in totality using powerful school administrative software.

Record Keeping

Even today, with the existence of technology in our everyday lives, a lot of schools still employ the manual method of record keeping. Thousands of enrolled student data are kept in physical files and stacked in shelves or drawers categorized by years. This manual record keeping is accountable for a huge share in the quota of school management issues.It is more time, energy and cost efficient to use a capable software in record keeping.

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Any kind of information can be made available instantly including inventory of any kind using ranges as large or small as required. This cuts back on the number of maintenance issues that human error allows to grow freely.

Processing Data

Today’s Schools are lacking comparative graphical reporting systems where all the three pillars of student’s education i.e. Parents, Teachers and Principal are able to get access to instant photographic analysis of overall student performance, anywhere, at any time. These graphical representations of data also help in easily making available simplified statistics from big data available to Governing bodies, Educationists and other higher officials that are in need of the information. It is easier to get the gender, age, location and school type in a demographic from a software solution than it is to obtain an error-free report from a person.