Say Goodbye to Data Loss: Autosave on SAFSMS

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf
Don't allow power failure or network challenges stop you from meeting deadlines and getting those grades across.

A few teachers using SAFSMS complained that it can be frustrating writing multiple students’ result/comments and NEPA cuts off power before you have a chance to save. It becomes even more so when you have to input details of multiple students in various classes from different arms. This has been the experience for too many of our clients and life shouldn’t be so hard, especially for our dear teachers.Read also: Reducing Teachers Workload with SAFSMS With the 'Restore from Local Storage' update, whenever you are filling in data - whether it's sensitive financial information, writing class comments or entering C.A. scores - you can rest assured that your data will remain exactly where you left it. With auto save, whatever you are working on gets saved directly to the browser so in the event of any unplanned scenarios, you won't have to suffer.We understand the time constraints that exist for teachers and the responsibility of sending results and school fees home to parents on time. The auto save feature is just one of the many commitments we have made to our users to empower them with the tools needed to produce the highest standards in education.