SAFSMS Featured by Google

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

In coming up with version 2 of SAFSMS, one of the major decisions we had to make was on the choice of web technology to be used.Any technology to be selected must meet some set criteria which include: ease of use, provide very good user experience, highly responsive and easy integration with our server side.After deliberations and comparisons of the different available technologies, Google Web Toolkit (GWT) was the best choice for our requirements.GWT actually gave us all the power we needed and SAFSMS 2.0 was successfully shipped in September, 2011 (First term 2011/2012 academic session) meeting all the set requirements.The success of SAFSMS 2.0 has been so great and we are excited to announce that we have made the Google Africa Case Study page. Check it out here []