Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf
This is a voice.This is a calling.This is a cry seeking your urgent attention.

The advancement in technology has it’s benefits, no doubt. In fact, a lot of benefits. What about the downsides?Anyone?I’ll tell you: The African child is seriously neglected and technology may also be partly to blame, but nowadays, even parents are more negligent towards their duties! The child is practically raised by the television and housekeepers.

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), “routine violence on television, films, cartoons and video games, which is common to media content around the globe, has been found to affect children at multiple levels.” Increased television viewing, according to a psychological study is responsible for increased aggressive behavior, heightened fear and anxiety towards the world in which the child lives. That is not all. Such children lose feelings of empathy for fellow humans. And by extension, the report expresses concern that such children are likely to accept violence as the primary way for resolving human conflict.

This is just TV, We’ve not said anything about video games yet. Parents are busy! busy!! busy!!!. In most cases, both parents need to work to make ends meet. The child’s emotional needs are completely ignored. That’s for the homes.

What about the Schools? A more serious form of neglect is actually what these poor kids face in school. In a research paper written by Diane DePanfilis, backed by U.S Department of Health and Human Services, quote “Even professionals give less importance to child neglect”.

In any effective school system, every teacher is supposed to have basic Guidance and Counselling skills. Even the school system doesn’t give much importance to this basic need. According to Raymond Wlodkowski (Researcher, Dr of psychology), Students come to school wanting a personal connection more than the need to learn content, Satisfying this need effectively therefore, through a strategy he named the 2*10 Strategy, will lead to an 85% improvement in behaviour.

Then we come to the secondary levels, This is the most important stage in a child’s life. During the maturity phase, a child is made or broken, If proper care is not taken, habits at this stage could be mirrored​ into their future.

At the tertiary level, those who have successfully made it past the former or carried with them some minor issues are still left completely on their own. Lost. No vocational, entrepreneurial or career guidance. Different cheat methods are often used to make it past this level. Careers are often treated with little or no passion. Because most people do what they do, for doing sake!

Is it now a wonder why our societies are suffering?

So what to do?

That’s why we are here. The children, teenagers and undergraduates are all crying out “TALK-2-ME!”.

If parents cannot be stopped from working, at least they should be made to set a form of balance in the home. Your child needs your love and attention much more than the luxuries your jobs are bringing in! Give that a thought!

The school systems need very effective and efficient guidance and counselling systems. Someone we can talk to, without fear! We alone cannot do it.

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