SAF Excursion: A Round Of Applause For Glisten Kids

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Thursday last week was a day filled with three e’s.


Enlightenment and


We had the privilege of hosting SS3 students from Glisten International Academy. And just as the school’s name denotes, they really are g-l-i-s-t-e-n-i-n-g.

I must say the experience was worthwhile. They were quite informed about latest technology, ICT careers and had their visions quite clear. As they learned a lot from us, so did we from them.

”I am an aspiring scientist” says Dotun. “I want to build holograms”

Woww. I thought to myself I didn’t know what a hologram was as a teenager“I want to become a software engineer.“ Yasmin shouts excitedly “I want to write web applications and make travel experiences more exciting and I want to provide solutions for our numerous problems in Nigeria.”

We watched videos on upcoming google projects, what’s it like to work to with google, and what we do here at flexiSAF which includes digital marketing, backend programming with Java(where Abubakar gave them the history of our grand and comprehensive school management software, SAFSMS), e-learning and so on.

Sambo Abubakar, from our distinction team introduced them to our prestigious CBT platform, where they can practice for JAMB and WAEC. And they responded to the questions quite enthusiastically, getting most of the answers right.

During our leadership sessions, I briefed them about how passionate we are about transforming education in Nigeria and through our #givingbacktosociety projects, we have launched a foundation that sponsors the education of out-of-school children who couldn’t afford it.

“We have to develop a culture of reaching out to others,” I told them. “So that…….”“Yes yes yes” interjected Precious, a twin “That’s why I want to become a really successful businesswoman and make so much money and become a great philanthropist and touch so many lives.”I asked them about Guidance and Counselling in their school (as it’s part of what we advocate for through our SAFTalk2Me campaign) and if they had the attention they desired.

“Yes we have mentors” says Zainab the fashionista “if you have any issues you can meet your mentor, and your mentor also helps with your overall wellbeing.”Great I thought to myself Will be even greater if the services of effective professional Guidance Counsellors are employed.The overall experience was wonderful. But whatever had a beginning, must also have an end. The dreaded farewell moment had arrived.

“I want to really thank FlexiSAF for taking the initiative to bring us here and enlighten us about ICT careers and programming platforms we can use to learn and the future of ICT and for educating us on the importance of living responsibly” says Dotun

Hadiza adds “Thank you so much FlexiSAF for the yummy refreshments and awesome enlightenment and for teaching us to be grateful for what we have and to care about the less privileged like your foundation is doing and…..”

Yasmin interjects “Yes Yes and thank you for being so free and friendly like you’ve known us since forever and thank and thank you for everything.”

Sigh What a great day it was! We look forward to having more of these.

Please join me, let’s give a big round of applause to the Glisten kids. Clap clap clap clap clap clap

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See you soon!