Ask Yourself This Question

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Let me ask you a question:

If you had 10,000 dollars to invest in one of your friends or family such that you would not have to work any day in your life, and 10% of that investment would be your monthly salary, who among your friends or family would you invest in?

I came across this question while watching a TED talk recently and I quickly began mentally scanning through my list of friends. And then a different thought struck me:

Who among my friends would bet their 10,000 dollars on me?

To be sincere, I couldn't really think of any. I began thinking deep and observed myself to see which attributes in me would make any of my friends want to invest in me. I am still pondering over that till now, but to say the least, I am not in the same place as I was yesterday. My thoughts have begun to change and I am now understanding better what I can do to become that person whom others can vouch for.

Enough about myself. Let's apply the same scrutiny to you. Ask yourself today how many of your friends can invest their all into you? In fact, That is too far.

Can YOU sincerely invest your all into yourself?

Be true to yourself and answer this; and if your answer is no, then what is stopping you? Start from there and begin to understand that you can always be better than wherever you currently are. The conditions would definitely improve, but first, we have to also become better versions of ourselves. It's not good enough to think that things will just change - we most times have to be that change.

Think closely and begin to imagine what is stopping you. How much better do you want to become? What can you do today that a year from now, could make you into a better version of yourself?

Success is not one big action. Success is a number of small activities joined together. And what is a failure? It is not one single failed action. It is a string of failed actions for a long time.

So a little change today can make all the difference you could ever care about. Look at the simplest thing you could do today to make you become a better person. Then start from there, you might not see the cumulative success, but remember, it is the small actions that become the big action. Start now, start small, and keep moving.

For me, the simplest thing I have decided to stop doing is watching movies at night, which makes me wake up late. Waking up late makes me not focused at work. Not being focused at work makes me stressed at work. I come back and hope another movie would help relieve the stress while the major problem was always the movie in the first place.

The small things are always around so that we can see and make changes. Make the necessary changes today. We can be much better than we are and we can all start right now.