Remita Integration

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

You might have/have not heard that all Federal institutions have been instructed by the Nigerian Government to pay all things payable i.e Bills, Salaries, Electronic Invoices and payments to Federal Government Agency as well as FIRS Taxes, into 1 account. "The Independent Revenue e-Collection Scheme is implemented under Treasury Single Account (TSA) initiative, which requires that government revenue collection is put into a single account for proper cash management" ( Quoted from The Sun).Well it's a reality! The E-payment platform that supports this new decisions is called Remita. Now because this is your first time of hearing about it does not limit its capacity in any way. It is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to promote ease of use in both making and receiving payments by and to all types of organizations. This is irrespective of a business' size, whether it belongs in the private or public sector or it is profit oriented or simply an NGO.But the reason for this blog is to share the relevance of Remita's introduction to FlexiSAF. As you know, we are an IT infrastructure that is deeply rooted in the application of Information Communication Technology in Education. Some of our software solutions that support online payment, our clients and prospective clients are not only directly affected but will be concerned by this new regulation passed.Well bade farewell to fear because FlexiSAF has already incorporated this service into its software solutions!!! We want to ensure ease of use and minimal glitches for our clients who have adopted this new method. We maintain a stress-free mode of operation by allowing you to pay your fees online + You can make payments with your VISA, VERVE, Mastercard, Remita, Internet Banking, Mobile Wallet and at any Bank Branch as usual. We have a good idea of how tedious handling payment can be when running a school. So be rest assured that we’ve got your back! The Government says "All Federal institutions are to pay into a TSA"Remita says “Make payment from all your accounts in as many banks as you use, all from a single platform" We say “Use our ever-reliable School Record Management System and School Management Software that support Remita”.

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