Preparing for JAMB

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination has become feared amongst the many students seeking admission into universities in Nigeria. In years past, the stress and anxiety that follows the exam writing combined with poor preparation has led many to sub par results. With Jamb exams, preparation is key. We all know majority of students prepare, but are they going about it the wrong way? How do they stop making the same mistakes and ensure success in their exams. Here are our top preparation tips to help you realize your goals. By the time you’ve read through this post, you should feel a renewed sense of motivation.

  • Create a study plan: Without a study plan, you may be studying the less relevant topics instead of focusing on the area of concentration. A study plan is your guide to make sure you study as much as you should, at the most appropriate time. This means it will help you stay organized and achieve your learning goals. You should take time to create a personalized plan based on your time management and schedule. Also find out what times of the day you study best and assimilate. For instance, if your study best at the early hours of the day, then make sure to squeeze in as much study time in the mornings before your day gets busier.
  • Study efficiently: We have established that JAMB exams are no joke. So why not arm yourself properly. Study to understand what your topics are telling you, so even with common sense you can answer some questions. Studying with past questions is your key to passing your exams. Whether you're a few months or weeks away from your exams, it's never too late to start studying. One tip is to get a study partner. If they are as motivated, you can both cover more ground while studying and understand more efficiently and quickly.
  • Practice past questions:Looking for where to practice previous JAMB questions for free? Try out distinction.ngWe all know 80% of JAMB exams are based on past questions, there's your key to success. Past questions are available online and offline. After studying, the next thing to do is practice! practice! practice! past questions. It will not only make you familiar with the format of the exams including how to approach a question, but also test your knowledge on what you have already studied. Practicing past questions also show you the areas of concentration for each subject which you should pay more attention to.

These are the 3 special tips you can use to ace your JAMB exams. Use them wisely and you’ll soon be on your way to the university! What other effective methods have you adopted in preparing for your exams?