Parents, Your Kids Are More Important

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

I hear people say that a poor person should not give birth if they do not have enough money to take care of their kids, and I must now say that rich parents should also not give birth if they do not have time for their kids. It is becoming clearer every day that for any society to grow, it must give attention to its upcoming leaders and the natural mentors for these future leaders are the parents, and when they do not give attention to their kids, how do we expect to grow as a society, i must say that our kids are important.

While growing up as kids, we had one of our parents at home always reminding us of why our fathers might not be around most of the time. They made us realize that the fathers were out there trying to make ends meet for the family and the mothers did well to give their time and attention to their kids to make them become better leaders in the future. As such, mothers held better roles than fathers since the fathers would only have to care for today, but mothers care and build for the future.

The society together with the parents was involved in grooming and developing a child. Now, mothers have handed over their roles to the school teachers, and fathers have handed over their roles to their wives. And fathers are simply the machine for making ends meet. I cannot begin to imagine how we got this far. Most of the time when you look into a society and see that it is improving, it has a lot to do with the families that make up the society, but now that even the family structure is off, how do we hope to build societies that would last in the future?

Parents now seek to have more time harnessing more wealth so that their kids can be comfortable in the future as if being comfortable is the key to a successful life. Sometimes your comfort zone is what would limit you. Do not get me wrong, I do not mean that you should allow your children to suffer, but thinking that leaving your kids with enough money would not make them suffer is simply an incorrect life assumption.

It is better to teach your kids manners so that no matter what the situation of the future is, they are able to stand morally, spiritually and educationally sound. Simply focusing on the educational part and being impressed that your child can speak good English or do some maths calculations very fast would not serve them in the future. That time you spend with them improving them, sharing life experiences, and understanding life from your children’s perspective is the most important thing you can give to your kids.

That kids that grew up from families that were not considered rich and were able to become one of the world’s richest people shows that money is not the most important factor in training and grooming a child. Your time to understand how your child thinks and reasons, what things should they focus more on are more important than simply focusing on feeding, clothing, and sending them to school.

Our forefathers understood that children are the most important investments and as such, did all they could to make time and even make sure their kids learn manners and more importantly understand that wealth is not the only thing a child needs to succeed in life. If a child on his/her own cannot create wealth, what would they leave behind for their own children, your own wealth? Well, you can be that rich, but how many parents would be that rich.

If as a parent, you cannot guarantee to spend an hour a day with your kid discussing on very important issues, then I believe you need to work on that. Your excuses that you do not have time would not cut it in the future when your kids are out of control and are causing havoc in the society. Regretting that you did not spend enough time with your kids in the future would not be enough to make your children become better. The time you have is now.

Parents, kids are growing way faster than we can ever imagine. Have a discussion with a kid today and he/she knows what you knew when you were in your 20s. A kid of about 8 or 9 already knows that. The time is NOW. The time to make sure we focus more on our kids is NOW. Tomorrow might be too late. Make it happen. Help your children grow and make them become the best that they can become. Thanks and God Bless.