Automating Paperless Senate Meetings

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Paperless Senate: Enhancing the Efficiency of Academic Board Proceedings

The 'paperless Senate' aims at automating academic board and senate meetings, right from conception throughout the processes up to the end of the meeting. All proceedings are automated thus ensuring an error free, fast and reliable senate/academic board meeting. It also provides access to quick search of minutes and resolutions of previous meetings with just the click of a button.

So how does it work?

Usually meetings of such nature are initiated weeks before the actual meeting is held. Agenda of departments/units referred to as 'prayer' are considered at the departmental/unit level and are then presented to the school/faculty board for consideration. It is at this juncture that selected prayers such as results approval and so on move to the next layer of approval which, in the University system, is the Senate Business Committee (SBC). The SBC is saddled with the responsibility of either recommending the submissions of faculties/schools for consideration at the Senate/academic board meeting, stepping down these submissions back to the Faculty/School for correction or outright disapproval from consideration to the Senate meetings.Once the Senate meeting commences all converged Senators go through recommended submissions by the SBC and either approve or reject decisions.

The Problem

The above processes are usually done manually in most higher institutions which is slow and expensive considering that any correction leads to editing and re-printing of the entire documents in hard-copy.As you can imagine, automating the entire process would instantly raise efficiency and cut down on man-hour losses used to prepare every senate/academic board meeting, not to mention the cost savings incurred for every senate meeting. This is basically what the paperless senate/academic board proceeding system designed and developed by FlexiSAF does!Unlike other 'paperless senate' solutions which simply scan hard-copy documents and share the scanned copies for senators to peruse through, FlexiSAF's solution is a complete system where decisions can be taken on the system, datelines set, notifications sent to senators, as well as generating insightful reports of all submissions and decisions taken for current and previous meetings. Each senator also sees all recommended prayers by SBC without having to wait till in the floor of the senate to go through the prayers recommended.Digitizing all senate/academic board proceedings ensures a smooth process by simplifying the current system. It also relieves the Senate meeting secretariat from a lot of unnecessary labor and costs.So, why wait? Come join the digitized senate/academic board club and say goodbye to slow, resource-consuming manual methods! Contact Us Now or Learn more about our Tertiary Institution management solution, SRMS.

Written by Musa Muhammad