Newsletter (August 2015)

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Transforming Education Through ICT

"By 2030, education will be completely revolutionized and a key player in that revolution is ICT”, as forecasted by Bill Gates in his 2015 Annual Letter. We congratulate you for taking the bold step to be part of this journey early enough. Your school is among the 5-10% of Nigerian schools to computerize their school management and we are excited to be your partner in this journey!

We have been very busy in the last session in order to remain focussed and on track in achieving our vision to transform education through ICT. We have worked on a number of Upgrades

and New Products to ensure a Robust

Combination in the software solutions we offer.

Online Admission Application


You have always wanted a platform that prospective applicants can easily learn about your school and apply online from anywhere. We are excited to announce the launch of to provide you with all the features you need to accept applications, process them and communicate effectively with parents via SMS and E-mail.

We can easily setup online payment gateway for your account to accept payments from parents using their ATM cards. The scratch card option can also be added so that parents that are more comfortable with that can as well apply online. Your application page is also easily integrated on your website so that parents can complete the process of application without leaving your site.

Visit to add your school and get started.

Online School Fees Payment


With the launch of SAFSMS Accounts in 2013, you have been able to easily manage school fees, track expenses and manage your staff payroll.

However, as the process of school fees management is simplified, the school fees admin still needs to manually log the payment details on the system before reports and statistics are drawn. To address this limitation

and fully automate the school fees management, we have partnered with Interswitch to introduce Online School Fees

Payment on SAFSMS. Parents can now pay for their ward's school fees through the Internet or ATM and the transaction is instantly recorded on SAFSMS. In essence, you can now track your school fees payment in real-time using the online payment feature.

Timetable Feature

On your requests and feedback, we understand preparing Timetable is one of the core and most complex activities in schools. In this regards we have taken our time to add a Timetable feature which automatically generates timetables. Leveraging on the existing features of SAFSMS such as subjects, classes and subject teachers configurations, the Timetable feature will automatically determine and avoid clashes. Subject Teachers, Class Teachers, Principal/Head Teacher and students will have access to the timetable and view what concerns them.

Curriculum & Lesson Plan

We understand that curriculum and lesson plan is core in every school. The curriculum determines what the students are expected to achieve at the end of their learning period. The weekly lesson plan is prepared by teachers and aids them in delivering the lesson based on the objectives of the curriculum. It also helps in planning assignments and in-class tests for students.

In order to move to the next level of improving education through ICT, we have upgraded SAFSMS with the curriculum module which will enable your school to configure their curriculum and scheme of work into it. Teachers can then prepare their lesson plan/note based on the scheme of work for each term.

We believe the curriculum module will be a game changer in freeing up teachers to give them plenty of time to focus more on teaching and interacting with their students.

Computer-Based Test (CBT)


CBT is one of the key components of transforming education through ICT. With CBT assessing students and tracking their strengths and weaknesses, it empowers teachers, parents and supervisors to be able to track students’ progress effectively in detail. Integrating the CBT with curriculum goes to the extent of identifying how the student is performing in terms of curriculum objectives. The system will enable students to learn at their own pace and eliminate “gaps” in their knowledge graph.

We are very keen about this project and believe the impact it will have on education quality cannot be overemphasized. We plan to launch the first version of the project in September and will involve you in determining the key features that will have the greatest effect on your standard. Stay abreast as we inform you on the progress of this important project.



Owning a website for your school is no longer a luxury but a key requirement. However, we understand that getting a professional and modern website is not always easy.

Based on the importance of having one and your passion to own a modern website, our Design Team are ready to assist you in achieving your dream website. With the right content and collaboration, we will be glad to take your school to the next level and provide that online presence that you always desired.


All the progress we have made so far could never have been possible without your patronage and feedback. We believe there is a lot that needs to be done and with your support and input we are determined to positively impact education through the use of technology and produce competent graduates that will strive in the knowledge-based economy.

Please find time to fill our online feedback form here to help us know your key priorities and challenges in order to address them accordingly.