Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Meet David from pace setters, and as their slogan suggests, He is definitely “setting the pace”. At a tender age of 13, David is teaching himself to code! Wow!Yes, that’s right, David is an autodidact at such a tender age. When asked how he was learning to code all on his own, he said ”I watch videos on youtube, and there’s a lot of free resources online, books and so on. ”

Even though David’s courage to take on such a challenge at this age is quite impressive, what appealed to me more was what he intended to do with that knowledge. He said “I want to write software to positively impact any field I find myself in. I want to make life easier for people.” Good enough.

What we need

We need more kids like David, Those who do constructive stuff with their free time. I definitely won’t be surprised to hear David’s name among the richest under 30 in the nearest future. Because like David, even Bill Gates started early. Once again Career Guidance comes in here to play.

The earlier a child discovers their vision, the better. Not every kid is like David, taking on such challenges and discovering their vision on their own. A lot of the kids need Guidance. Even the likes of David need someone to make sure they remain motivated and focused on their vision. That and more can be achieved by putting in place an effective Guidance and Counselling system!

Just what SAF Talk-2-Me is out there to do...

To work with parents, schools and the students themselves to make sure that at every level of education, there is an effective, well-functioning, efficient Guidance and Counselling system!

Believe me, intelligence alone does not turn a child into a useful gentleman. There has to be more to the package.

Like the popular Miss Pierson said“We need kids who are not afraid to take risks and who

have a champion who would never give up on them.

Someone to make sure they become the best they

can possibly be.”

FlexiSAF also shares Miss Pierson’s passion for having an overall positive impact on education, Therefore work with SAF Talk-2-Me Campaign today to make your wards/students become the best they can be!

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