March-April Newsletter

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

The sudden increase in school numbers is responsible for cut throat competition amongst many of the basic educational institutions in Nigeria. This rivalry boils down to a struggle for teachers, resources, recognition and above all students. Schools have to ensure they admit ever growing numbers of students each session; however the demand to admit larger numbers has superseded the need to enroll quality candidates. This race between schools is now directed towards numbers at the expense of academic excellence. Our question is: Why should you have to compromise?

I’m sure many of our clients remember the first iteration of our platform. We have tweaked a few things but the overall idea still remains unchanged. Skools is a complete admissions management solution, created to simplify all phases of the admissions process. It provides admission seekers with a quick, clear and straightforward way to gain admission into their school of choice. With our product, schools have even more reasons to look forward to admission season.Skools gives you the best of both worlds, admit students who fit your school’s unique criteria of excellence and manage all aspects of your admissions processes on one centralized platform.

We are always at work on refining the SAFSMS experience for our clients. For our clients that have made it this far, we thank you for your support and unwavering loyalty. For those schools that haven’t signed up yet or are still on the fence, there’s never been a better time.

FlexiSAF is pleased to inform you that we now have a dedicated team of engineers for your support issues. This will reduce downtime so you can get back to doing what you love. We have integrated a new Need Help button. When clicked, the feature provides a link to

  1. SAFSMS Online User Guide, a detailed step-by-step guide on almost all aspects of SAFSMS.
  2. Our direct support line, +234-906-748-6289, where a dedicated support staff will respond to your issues.
  3. Finally, you can always report a problem by clicking on the ‘Report a Problem’ link.

Because we’re always adding features it can be hard to keep track of all the new additions. We have added a nifty little box that shows you all the latest and greatest features to keep you informed on all the new changes that come to SAFSMS.

SAFSMS Communications FeatureWe understand that effective communication with parents is a very important requirement for schools and SMS has proven to be reliable in that respect.SAFSMS has always simplified communication with parents via SMS. It enables schools to send customized messages about students’ academic performance, finance update or reminders and bulk SMS to all parents, a particular section or just a class.In as much as SMS communication is simplified, you have always wanted an improved SMS feature that will enable you to view the status report of messages sent and also have control to manage your SMS credits.To bridge the communication gap between schools and parents, SAFSMS has added a communication module so parents can be kept informed on the social and academic well-being of their wards.The SMS Manager enhances cooperation between parents so they work with your school as partners that have a stake in the success of their wards by offering homework support and faster school fees payments. The platform may be used to send anything from disciplinary messages to clinics updates.

The Role of Transparency in School AdministrationA school is an institution where transparency and accountability go hand-in-hand and are held as statutory obligations. If a school is transparent, people can be held accountable for their actions. In a proper school environment,

  • schools are accountable for student achievements and conduct.
  • teachers are held accountable for learning.
  • the students are accountable for one another.

In General, if accountability is rigorously practiced, it will help change attitudes which will improve academics.So why Should We have Transparency in schools?School management should all be aware of expenditure in order to prevent leakages in their financials.Teachers should share their resources and ideas with each other, seek answers to teaching problems and encourage innovation. This kind of transparent collaboration will improve teaching.However, the majority of the work rests on schools, and to encourage successful administration, a transparent system must be adopted. A school management system will provide accurate details about financing, academics, students and staff behavior so your administration efforts can be diverted to the most sensitive areas.Technology plays a huge role in encouraging transparency in schools. Software can be used in place of printing student report cards, records compilation, accounts, admission forms and session calendar. It will reduce the loss of information due to damage of printed documents and soft copies of files are easily backed up and accessed from any computer.That is why it is important to have educational technology in schools. It facilitates transparency where parents can closely monitor their child’s performance, teachers can collaborate more efficiently and leakages in school finances can be prevented.

The Connect Nigeria Business Fair 2017 was held on the 18th of February, 2017 at Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.The event was categorized into a conference and an exhibition themed “E-Business and the Growth of Your Enterprise”, it illustrates how micro, small and medium enterprises can grow by taking advantage of the opportunities available to them in this new IT era.Among the speaker for this year’s event were Paul Ayim from Phillips Consulting, Ayotunde Coker a director at Rack Centre, Nikki Summers a director at Sage One and Bankole Oluwafemi Editor-in-chief at TechCabal.

The first edition of the Ibeju-Lekki Chapter of NAPPS teachers training took place in Lagos on the 1st of April 2017. 26 Schools were in attendance represented by 120 teachers in total. The training was a big hit with the teachers as they all loved the experience of a connected classroom, school management solution and Microsoft Office Power User.

This school management software automates many processes that would have been time-consuming. From enrollment to result tracking all the way to school fees management; it is flexible and robust enough to handle our preferences and uniqueness.

Elsie BanireHead Teacher, Plumbreed School, Lagos

SAFSMS is a brilliant idea, simplifies a lot of processes and is absolutely intelligent. It has really helped us here at Accolade House and we look forward to more fixes and upgrades in the future.

Unyime Okon-UmorenSchool Head, Accolade House Montessori, Lagos

Even though we found SAFSMS randomly online, we have never looked back. It took us almost 3 years to find the right SMS package for the school with enough flexibility, robustness, quality, and customization attributes that best suited our unique set of circumstances.Over time we have developed a high professional customer support relationship with the tech support staff that has greatly enhanced our ability to resolve any issues, concerns or even recommendations as the case may be.We have 3 schools using the application (nursery, primary, & secondary) yet we able to maintain their uniqueness for both their academic and administrative needs.Our previous data management problems have been greatly simplified and concise since we started using SAFSMS.We recommend SAFSMS to any school in Nigeria looking to centralise their data collection and data management in a more robust and stress free way to achieve greater accountability, forecast projection, data analysis, record keeping, parents/student participation and communication, remote accessibility, access rights, user activity monitoring and lots more."

Mr Edidion Bofy Director/Administrator Alvina Model and High School, Delta