June Newsletter

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

It’s that time of the month again when we share with you all that’s been happening in our world of education and technology.

Spotlight feature:

Introducing FlexiSAF Engineering’s 3 Core Values

At FlexiSAF, our most important value is changing the lives of our users. To be able to change the lives of users involves a great deal of effort and sometimes taking some steps you are not sure would work. To be able to do great things as a team, some very key values are important. Our key values are Boldness, Focus on Users and creating things real fast.

As a tech company, most of the things we work on are sometimes novel in that very few people have tried it in the same circumstance as we currently are. So a lot of the decisions we make sometimes seem really skeptical…

Main feature:

FlexiSAF Excursion Series

We spent the morning of Tuesday, 20th June with the students of Pacesetters Academy, Wuye. Our excursion series is one of the ways we impact the lives and education of school students. As usual for the series, our visitors got to know a lot about the inner workings of the company.

The Junior secondary students were given a simple career talk on the importance of ICT in whichever careers they intend to pursue in the near future.

Their session got a little more educational when Faiz Bashir, CEO Flexisaf taught them a math tutorial on simple arithmetic tricks. It was interesting to watch young kids being active and participating in answering and finding solutions to math problems. Then, for being the most active student and answering a quiz question, David Ogoja was presented a gift from the CEO.

The SAF Talk-2-Me session was both interactive and educative as they discussed the importance of having an effective guidance and counseling system in schools. They had so much to tell us about the bad vices that students possess and the need to have someone to talk to when needed.

Side Feature:

SAFSMS is now themable

Finally, you can get more personal with SAFSMS. The new SAFSMS update allows you to customize your SAFSMS application and change the entire look to suit your preferences. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Select a new theme or color by simply going to the settings page and choosing from the numerous options. Once you hit save, all your changes will reflect on the SAFSMS application.
  2. Update important information as often as you like
  3. Change your school logo.
Not using SAFSMS yet? What are you waiting for?

Side Feature:

SAFTALK2ME - Career Guidance, at what age should we start?

At what age should we inculcate the idea of a career in our wards?

At age three? Or is that too early?

How about thirteen? Just as they are beginning to mature? Or should we wait till sixteen or seventeen when they are done with high school? What time is absolutely the best?

These questions and other similar ones fill our bosoms as educators. We always want the best for our children, there can be no greater joy than getting the child right. Seeing them sail through teenage into adulthood so smoothly and become the best among the rest is what every parent and educator looks forward to. So, back to our question, what time is the best?

But before we get to that, let’s find out “What is career guidance exactly”?