Model Islamiyya School Ganye (MISG)

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

ICT Implementation at Remote Locations

Model Islamiyya School Ganye (MISG), a remote community-based school located in Ganye, Adamawa State. Founded in 2003. The school had 6 classrooms, 1 staff room and a Head Master's office. Ganye is one of such places in Nigeria that when power is brought back you get notified by the resonating screams of “NEPA” from both children and adults. They barely get 2 hours of electricity in a week and without any fear of exaggeration, the town can stay for a complete month without the resonating screams. In 2004, MISG got a donation of a Pentium III Personal Computer (PC) with 64MB RAM and 10GB HDD. The PC was primarily used for word processing. At the time, records management was done manually. Compiling lists of students, lists of staff, summaries as well as results compilation was all manual. The time it took to compile students' results run into weeks with errors at the end of the day. This was the situation of their records management before the Headmaster took a bold step to install software to manage their students' records.


In October 2006 we (FlexiSAF Edusoft Ltd.) installed a single client application on the only PC of MISG to manage their students' records. By then they had about 300 students whose records we had to digitize. It took 2 people in about 2 days to type all the students' bio data and setup their subjects and classes. In another 3-4 days all the students scores were entered and their results generated and printed with 100% accuracy. That was the beginning of digitizing MISG's records. 9 years later, MISG can boast of providing reports and statistics about their students with the click of a button, ICT skills & capacity among its teachers and ICT exposure to its students. Today, MISG has a computer lab with 10 systems running education applications, a Local Area Network and laptops for its teachers.


The most important asset of MISG today is their data. It signifies that they don't have to invest anything in digitizing their records and can easily fit into an Education Management Information System (EMIS).MISG teachers began interacting with computers to manage their students' records. This provided an opportunity for them to become ICT literate and further develop their skills.For the students, It was no incidence they did not face difficulties in the recent JAMB Computer-Based Test

Next Steps

  • Affordable tablets to provide more access to students
  • Curriculum-based content development
  • Khan Academy Lite to improve mathematics and science