How to Stay Happy at Work (12 Tips)

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

12 Tips on How to Stay Happy at Work.

For most people, having a job and keeping it is hard work; having a job, keeping it and staying happy at it is a whole other ball park. Here's how to remain happy always at your workplace.

Whatever your work is, whether as a consultant or a school teacher, an administrator or a civil servant in a different field, you need to be happy always in order to perform wonderfully. Learn the habits that make happy employees and healthier work environments!

Have you ever been so bored/uninterested at work??? Well your problem can be solved with these easy tips:

  • Change that routine! If you don’t like what you do then you should try some other way of doing it. Chances are your efforts will be noticed and you may be acknowledged in some way (cash or kind). Albert Einstein left these resounding words for us to reflect on “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. So change your routine and you might find that working with a newly discovered approach suits you best!
  • Focus on the little things you love or like best about your job. It’s actually not easy to have a job in the current state of this economy so remember you’re a champ even for only that! There are uncountable things to be happy about and they exist everywhere around us; you just need to find them. Be grateful first, for the life that you have and you’re a normal, performing human being and just take it from there. Now where is that champ smile? Ah, there you go :)
  • Give a little. No matter how small your pay is, make sure you use some of it to help someone. It will make you feel better after seeing how appreciative someone is of you. Giving increases your self worth and empowers you to see yourself in a different life. So give a little! Buy fruits for your mom, deodorant to massacre that body odor your maid has, a new toothbrush for your guard, Fanta for the security that always says “happy weekend”. You know, make someone happy and you will stay happy in turn. Don’t say “I’ll wait till I get more money”, just do it! It’s the little things that count.
  • Out with the clutter. A great exercise is to clear out your table and get rid of unwanted mess. Its very liberating and it helps you figure out what tasks are untouched, unfinished and finished! IT takes little time to do but takes halves all your worries & stress.
  • Prioritize. Go from the most important to the least important tasks. Plan your day in such a way that pressing issues are attended to at a time when you have the most energy and zeal for them. Later when you feel spent you can do the less tasking things. You were productive and you got stuff done! At the end of the day you get to go home feeling like a fulfilled racer who just came 1st!
  • Zen. You need to be in a state of focus; your mind and body should be one. You can’t be physically worn out and your mind is thinking of work! That’s like sleeping and eating. LOL exactly, ce n'est pas possible! Be one with your work *close your eyes, pinch your fingers and say ommm*.
  • Attitude. Have you ever been at your desk and an angry human requests for your expertise in a rude way that it sent your mood flying all over the place? I’m sure this is relatable in some way. When you’re in a mood please don't transfer your aggression to someone else. Study shows that people associating closely with each other feed off their vibes. If you go to work and maintain a positive attitude and say something nice to someone, who says something nice to someone and you set off some kind of maniacal ripple effect; guess what? good vibes are in the air because of you! People may hear your words but they feel your attitude. If you can't just be happy on your own then visualize yourself in your happy place or tape something that makes you happy on your desk. Whether it’s a family photo, food or quote -whatever it may be- let that remind you of how good you got it in life.
  • Be proactive. Subscribe to get updates on what is happening in your field of study so you can be in the know. Take courses, read news, nominate yourself for projects and push yourself because that is the best way -and only- way to empower/improve yourself -do better. Do this so that opportunities do not pass you by because you are “under experienced”. To be proactive is to create, control or take charge of situations rather than responding to them after they've already happened. So say touche happily to new experiences!
  • Take a break. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to work continuously and stress yourself out. Sometimes you should take short breaks to clear your head. Engage in short conversations with your coworkers, take a brisk walk to freshen your mind up or use an online resource to help keep yourself alert with stimulating/engaging activities! Rome wasn't built in one day right? So when you achieve a goal, reward yourself with a 1minute break -check your email/phone- and then get back to work.
  • Learn from your colleagues. Accept constructive criticisms and offer your opinions to others. It’s not a bad thing to be corrected. In fact one should accept all criticism and use them to be more formidable. You’ll find that when a few people do better at work by taking your advice, it will leave you feeling self righteous. Learn from your colleagues that are doing so well at their job and ask for help when you’re stuck in a rut on a project.
  • Avoid Multitasking. This cannot even be overemphasized enough. All of us feel like the incredible hulk sometimes when at work. We feel like we can do everything at the same time; but we forget we are only puny humans with a limited optimum capacity. When you start a task make sure you finish it before going on to another. Its best to concentrate on one thing at a time than to divide your attention with many others. You have only one head afterall.
  • Laugh. It’s the best medicine

Happy employees are 12% more productive than unhappy employees, statistics say. So change your mindset and adopt these helpful hacks on how to be happy always!

Don’t be an unhappy teacher, you’ll mess up your student’s moods & records!

Don’t be an unhappy accountant, you’ll mess up the finances!

Don’t be an unhappy housemaster, you’ll reserve arch enemies in the same room!

Don’t be an unhappy gardener, you’ll grow angry plants!

Don’t be an unhappy boss, your employees will call you Virus or some horrible thing!

Don’t be an unhappy coder, your code will just...stare back at you :/

Whatever your profession you can use these tips and you'll fall in love with your job soon enough! :)