Unsure About Career Guidance? Try This

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

How to Give Career Guidance

When I was three, captain planet was an all-time favourite cartoon and so I wanted to fly.At age seven, when I began to differentiate between fantasies and realistic dreams, I wanted to be a doctor because that was what my “Daddy” wanted.At age Sixteen, I was almost graduating from high school, and I wanted to become a computer scientist not because I was passionate about computers, but because there was a new trend of those in the software industry making the most money.Are your wards also dreamers like me? Not sure what they really want? Then read on.Is this a cause for concern?No. Not at all. Ideally, by the time a child is in high school, they should be able to make well informed career decisions. But if they can't, then don't worry because an expert at Cardiff University said “In general, being unsure isn’t something to be too worried about. Indeed, few things in life are 100% certain. So learning to live with uncertainty is, to some extent, a necessary part of making progress with career plans.”But should we just sit back and do nothing?Again, no. Though the uncertainty is normal, sitting back and doing nothing about it is not. A professional guide Leslie Frey,wrote in an article for career guidance,“Look around you. Do you see anyone who has the life or the career you want? If not, there’s this thing called the Internet. Keep looking until you find someone.In the meantime, if you have a job or you are going to school, show up and be outstanding. Give your full enthusiasm and talent to each task and interaction. You know that this current situation is not forever. Any experience or skill you gain will just make you that much stronger and more prepared when you do decide where you’re going next.”And that's exactly what they need. The motivation and assurance that will help them live their lives enthusiastically, so that when they eventually make those crucial decisions, they'd make the right ones.Also encourage them to interact with experts in their fields of interest, but for their own lives’ decisions, let them take charge. Just be by their side and urge them on.For more trending real life tips and ideas on how to nurture your wards into outstanding individuals, work with SAF Talk2me now! Fill the form below to subscribe. We are here to gladly work with you.See you soon!