How Coding Makes Kids Smarter

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Does coding make a kid smarter?Technically, Yes it can.But How?What kind of smart, 'book smart'? or more tech savvy? Aren't they already tech smart anyway?If you're a curious parent or teacher, these kinds of questions may fill your mind often. While you want your wards to be at pace with the ever-evolving world, you also want to ensure it’s done the right way and at the right time. So,How does coding make kids smarter?

  1. Their brains get sharper

According to a study, programming engages parts of the brain that are used to solve complex tasks, so the continuous engagement of those areas made them sharper and more flexible-which means solving other much more complex problems became easier for the programmer.

2. It teaches them to approach problems differentlyA famous software developer said;

“Programming is probably the best thing I’ve done in my life because it has taught me to approach problems differently. With a keen interest to proffer the best solutions.”

And this statement is true for almost every programmer on the planet. One of the youngest programming geniuses on the planet Tanmay Bakshi, says the same.3. It teaches them to thinkAs programming involves a lot of problem solving, it teaches the programmer to think of several ways to approach a problem. I’ve tried A and it’s not working, how about trying B, then C. The programmer is constantly proffering solutions, therefore becoming an expert thinker in solving any kind of problem. It's simply “not a big deal.”

Like Steve Jobs said:

"Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think"

So now you’ve decided to give a go at engaging the kids with some code, but the big question is;Where do you take them?There are so many programming boot-camps out there for kids and adults. If you just can't seem to decide which one is best for your wards,Don’t worry because we've gotcha.Yes! FlexiSAF is organizing a one of a kind programming summer bootcamp. KidCoders!Just like we do every year, your child is not only getting introduced to programming but also becoming a passionate career oriented person! So, whichever career they intend to pursue, this is the best place to be for 2 weeks over the long holiday!Give us a quick phone call or leave a message below. You may want to hurry, because there are limited spaces available and it’s fastest fingers first!

Camp Starts: 30th July for kids Ages: 10-18

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