The Features of A Useful Hostel Management System

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

What is a Hostel Management System?

Most schools already make use of online course registration systems to make life easier for staff and students.Similarly, securing hostel accommodation is also one of the top pain points and stress areas at the beginning of every new session. A hostel management system is simply online software that can be used to simplify the process in a few clicks of a button. This can either be stand-alone or as part of a complete records system such as SRMS.Essentially, a Hostel management system offers a full featured accommodation system to efficiently manage the entire residential facility in the university or college.

Features of a Modern Hostel Management System

  • Online Reservations: Students can book hostel rooms online.
  • Instant payments: They can make secure and seamless online payments; reflected almost immediately in the bursar/accounts department
  • Simple to use & navigate: A good solution shouldn’t be too complex for all the users to understand
  • SMART: Can work with certain specialized requirements and features e.g allocate certain bed spaces to specific classes, automatically detect students class & other records.

How it Works

With our SRMS hostel module, the Hall Administrators or Students’ Affairs Division officers simply configure the available spaces in each hostel. They can also setup a flexible and robust eligibility criteria for accommodation into hostels. For example, to specify the number of rooms available for 100 level students.Once it is time to enroll for a new session, students log in to the platform with their details and can pay and be allocated a hostel instantly. The hostel module is part of a larger system that already houses all of the students data from registration to department, exam results and grade level.

A Hostel Management System Offers the Following Benefits

1.Convenience: No need for rush-hours due to ‘first come first serve’, because students can reserve a bed space from wherever they are and come back when convenient or necessary.It also eliminates long queues and cumbersome processes.2. Saves Resources:Drastically reduces the staff paper work; the accommodation software keeps updated records of students lodging, room transfer and other related facilities.


In essence, the system should address the major problems encountered in the manual allocation of hostels to students in Nigerian universities. The growing number of students in higher institutions poses a lot of accommodation problems on the part of students and School Management. These include the fact that the few hostels that exist in the University are not properly managed and estimates of rooms required to match the growing number of students are far-fetched. Sometimes, students pay the hostel fees and end up not getting rooms due to shortage of spaces. In addition, most times the hostel administrators cannot give accurate information of the occupancy of a particular room.With SRMS great reporting feature, the system provides instant reports on the number of available rooms, their occupants and funds generated from hostel fees per semester, making it easier to get accurate data and management at all times.