Here's What We've Been Up To: Excursion Launch, Staff Picnic, Breakfast Wednesday

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

We tried something new this week, a few things actually.If you haven't already read about our Excursion series and how your school can visit us, do it now. It's an amazing opportunity for your students to learn about career paths in IT and win cool prizes.

What else have we been up to?Oh yes, remember that staff picnic from last week? It was really fun. We were too busy enjoying ourselves that somehow now, none of us can find a decent photo from that day. Imagine that. We won't stop looking till we find one thoughWe also had our first (and possibly last) Egg & Sausage Wednesday or Breakfast Wednesday this week.

The initial plan was to be Sandwich Wednesdays but we just went with the flow. We don't know if we'll continue with that idea though.More Importantly, SAF Talk 2 Me Campaign is now in full swing. Find out how you can Join us in advocating for better guidance and counselling systems and better emotional connections in schools. Why? Because it is a proven fact that there cannot be balanced learning without proper emotional engagement.Remember that you don't have to visit in order to win in our Excursion Series. You can join in on Social Media by using the hashtag #WhyILoveFlexiSAF and tagging us in your posts. The rules are simple: Give us a good reason, something, anything you've learnt or you like about FlexiSAF; from our blogs, our social media or from your visit to our offices, use the hashtag and don't forget to Tag us. We'll pick a winner each month and awesome prizes will be won.Keep up with us to see who visits next and who wins what.Did you try anything new this week? Tell us!