Here's What We've Been Up To: Week 1 November

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

The last time we kept you in the loop was sometime in October. So naturally, there's a lot to say but we'll keep it brief:1). As you already know from our social media updates, our C.E.O was at StartUp Istanbul last week. It was a 3-day event (from 20-23 October) where startups from around the world come to network, meet with mentors and pitch their businesses to investors. FlexiSAF made it to the Top 15 out of 100 startups that were invited. Read about our CEO's experience here.[caption id="attachment_3408" align="alignnone" width="764"]

here's what we've been up to

FlexiSAF CEO, Faiz Bashir pitching SAFSMS on stage at Startup Istanbul[/caption]2). The question for this week's Instagram Teachers Challenge was 'What's so great about your school?'. As usual, we have N5,000 and a full term of SAFSMS free trial for the teacher with best answer. Winner will be announced at the usual time. Follow us on Instagram -@flexisaf to keep up.3). SAFSMS mobile (the mobile app for SAFSMS is launching this month). This is extremely exciting news for teachers, parents and school admin as you can now keep track of school events like assignments, time tables, daily attendance, results, fee payments and so much more right from your phone. Oh, and we've also rolled out a dedicated 'Parent feature' that gives parents access to daily student records; and makes communication easier - parents will love it! Find out more about the app right here4). FlexiSAF was at Google Developer Group (GDG) Devfest North East 2017, themed: 'Building Faster Together'. The event held at CoLabs, Kaduna. It was an opportunity for both experienced and young developers in the growing Northeast tech ecosystem to meet up, interact and share ideas. AbdulBasit from FlexiSAF spoke to the audience about Improving collaboration and productivity with Git. Find photos from the event here5). We also shared tips about Deploying and Automating software at forloop Kano on Saturday, 21st October

6. In-house Demo Day was officially introduced this week. It's an opportunity for staff to meet up once a month and help each other gain feedback on their own personal ideas, projects or general challenging problems.Upcoming events


We'll keep letting you know whats up on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. In the meantime, enjoy the coming weekend!

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