Empowering Girls in the Classroom

Rahama Obadak
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Girl Empowerment Activities: Empowering Girls in the Classroom

Much of what can be done to support and encourage girls to grow up strong and brave happens during their younger years. This is why it's important to build their confidence and show them just how much they can achieve. Gender stereotypes unfortunately still thrive today, but there are now more ways to fight it. One of the best solutions is to empower young women in school, where they spend a lot of their formative years harnessing their talents.FlexiSAF recognises the importance of fostering confidence in girls. It's the responsibility of parents, schools, and organisations to make programs that encourage girls to be fearless in the pursuit of their dreams.

girl empowerment activities in the classroom

Here are some of the ways this can be done in the classroom:

Discuss female role modelsMen have contributed a lot to the world, but there should be equal exposure to notable women's achievements as well. This will highlight a sense of equality among the sexes and show that both are capable of achieving the same accolades. The Guardian notes that inspirational female speakers and role models can imprint positive behavioural patterns on little girls, because they represent who they can become. It's important to have female role models they can relate to in order for their dreams to feel attainable. Even female teachers can create the same effect on the young minds of girls.Remove segregation and limitationsHow often do you see a little girl playing with decidedly male toys or wearing "boyish" clothing? The truth is, probably not a lot. The segregation between girls and boys happens in many other places too, maybe even at home.Tootsa discussed the importance of dress up days, which is also a common scenario in schools nowadays. Boys usually wear many different creative costumes but girls still want to be princesses. Parents may not realise it, but this could plant a notion in a little girl's mind that she has limitations. There's nothing wrong with dressing up in a gown and wearing a tiara, but this shouldn't be their only option. Some girls may prefer to play a superhero, astronaut, or some other imaginative roles. This is part and parcel of encouraging them so that they can be whoever they want to be, as long as they set their mind to it.A powerful futureTimes Higher Education reported that empowering girls in the classroom largely contributes to the United Nations’ global Sustainable Development Goals – from improved health outcomes, to economic growth. This means that educated women can help solve some of the world's problems.In Africa specifically, educating girls at primary level links to better maternal care, responsible family planning, and improved child nutrition. These are just some of the great things one part of the world can achieve if girls are encouraged to participate and learn fearlessly in school.There is no disadvantage in making girls feel that they are equally as powerful as boys. On the contrary, this will close the many gaps of inequality present in the world. The future will look brighter as both men and women help and support each other. In an increasingly diverse world, everyone will benefit with having more empowered women around.

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by: Jelica Brennan