FlexiSAF Partners with Alison to Bring Online Learning to Nigerians

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

FlexiSAF Partners with Alison to Bring Online Learning Closer to Nigerian Learners

  • Nigerian edtech key player FlexiSAF partners with e-learning giant, Galway-based Alison
  • FlexiSAF and Alison hope to tackle the country’s burgeoning educational need using technology

Nigerian edu-tech company FlexiSAF partners with Alison, one of the world’s largest free learning sites to bring online learning and skill development closer to Nigerian students, and graduates seeking for jobs.Abuja, 2019: FlexiSAF is collaborating with Alison to reach more learners by making a wide range of Alison courses, including personalized suggestions and special offers available for students who log on to their university’s student’s platform. Although for now the feature is only available for institutions using SRMS (FlexiSAF records’ management solution), the company hopes to reach more students in the near future.

“Our mission is to transform education” says Faiz Bashir, FlexiSAF’s CEO. “We are passionate about that because we believe that quality education is the bedrock of every nation, and we are trying to bring personalized learning to each person in the most affordable way”

The Nigerian-based software company has been addressing challenges in the education sector using technology. So far, FlexiSAF has automated processes of more than 500 schools at primary, secondary and tertiary institution levels. The company's solutions are used to enable online admission, transcripts, result compilers, school-parent platforms and more. FlexiSAF also partners with Alison to implement Alison Learning Centers around the country as an opportunity for people without ready access to Internet an opportunity to visit safe, secured hubs where they can take a variety of online courses, with qualified technical instructors and a community of learners. Alison is run by CEO Mike Freerick from Ireland, who visited Nigeria for the first time in 2017. This latest partnership by FlexiSAF is in a bid to increase the accessibility of online learning to remote areas and students as a way of tackling the burgeoning educational need in Nigeria.