21st Century Masterclass: Interview with the Instructional Designer.

This month, we had the opportunity to speak at length with Hadiza Mohammed, an Instructional Designer with SAFlearn. We asked her questions about the newest SAFlearn initiative -the 21st Century Skills for Educators Course on Udemy.

Valentina Umeri

1. What necessitated the development of the 21st-century skills teacher's course?

We realized as a team that there was a need to nudge educators to evolve as we experience changing times and encounter global educational trends

2. Who was the course intended for?

The course is intended for all teachers in practice, who are passionate about aligning their practice to the present state of society. It’s also relevant for pre-service teachers who hope to begin their teaching careers soon.

3. What does the course cover?

This course covers all areas of 21st-century skills, which includes;

Learning Skills: Learning skills are a set of crucial skills which are paramount for teachers to inculcate in modern-day learners to help them resonate better with current learning trends. These skills include;

  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Collaboration, and 
  • Communication

Literacy Skills: Another set of principal skillset that forms a part of the 21st-century skills is the literacy skill, which basically is centred around the skill of being able to read, write, speak and listen in a way that resonates with the current age. These skills include ;

  • Information Literacy
  • Media Literacy, and
  • Technology Literacy

Life Skills: Life skills are a set of skills that form a part of the 21st-century skills, they are skillsets whose importance transcends the four walls of a classroom, as they are skills needed in the day to day life of teachers and learners. These skills include;

  • Flexibility
  • Initiative
  • Social Skills
  • Productivity
  • Leadership

4. How long is the course?

1hr 1m

5. What basic knowledge must a person have to take the course?

No formal knowledge base is required to take this course, as it is designed for preservice and in-service teachers, hence can be taken by anyone with the passion to impact knowledge.

6. What is the mode of instruction?

The course takes the masterclass instructor-led approach.

7. Tell us a little about the instructor?

Kemi Ogunsanya is an award-winning Educator with over 7 years of teaching experience. She has taught in both public and private schools at primary and secondary levels and she currently serves primarily as a Literacy Educator. 

She is also a Microsoft Certified Educator with her first degree in English Education and her Master’s degree in Educational Administration. 

She is the convener of The Pristine Project, an initiative that advocates for menstrual health and hygiene for females as well as equipping girls in rural areas with entrepreneurial skills. 

She is also the Convener of The Teachers Discourse Series, a platform poised to equip teachers with relevant skills to upscale their impact. 

She is also a columnist and an editor with my articles published in newspapers and magazines. 

Over the years, she has served as a core volunteer across various Social Impact Initiatives and she has been instrumental in the success of major developmental projects. 

She was recently nominated in March 2021 as a Top 100 Career Woman in Nigeria.

8. What else can we expect from SAFLEARN in the coming months?

From SAFLEARN, the expectation should be varied offerings focused on the professional development of teachers, ranging from comprehensive assessment structures to assess their needs and competencies, online courses, onsite training and webinars.

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