Federal College of Education

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

The college has a unique way of computing its CGPA as outlined by NCCE, its regulating body. It was created as a way to generate CGPA for various combination of students enrolled into the institution. With this system in place, Education and General Studies courses are computed independently while other combined courses are complex with the exception of general courses to arrive at student's status at the end of the session.


FlexiSAF SRMS came to the rescue, with a customised reporting format that was implemented. The format allows the generation of computed results for a student in the range of their Core department, the student's Combination department, the student's Education department and the student's General Studies department courses CGPA. In addition the student's details states that at the end of the session the customised reporting format will generate the student's CGPA without the General Studies Dept courses, thus enabling probated and withdrawn students.


The era of manually computing the various CGPA of a student/dept are automated and quick to process and generate.