E-learning & Moodle training for FCE Yola.

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

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About twelve Federal College of Education (FCE) Yola staff underwent the training on Moodle and E-learning with FlexiSAF as the host. The training started on 14th and ended on the 18th of March, 2016. It was held at the International Conference Centre -HQ FlexiSAF office. The objective was to introduce electronic learning on the moodle platform. An online open-source resource that creates and environment for educationist and learners to best collaborate. Moodle job is to help this institution make study & research materials accessible to students.

Both members of FCE and FlexiSAF training squad got along well and enjoyed the short collaboration in a technology-enthused atmosphere.

Of the twelve staff, most were lecturers and they had expressed interest in e-learning technology as it seemed very promising in bridging the communication/performance gap between students and teachers -also in strengthening their academic relationship.

Other participants' that were interviewed were of the positions of:

  • Programmer (Bursary)
  • Assistant Lecturer
  • Librarian [Head of e-library]
  • Head of Civil Engineering Unit; Geoinformatics Technology
  • Pre-NCE Coordinator
  • School Exam officer

This was perfect in getting feedback because they were of different levels and of different departments. Generally, they all enjoyed the training. A common expectation of the trainees was to gain as much as they could and for the programmer, to finish the course with perfect knowledge of how the backend.

From the feedback extracted from the one-on-one interview, the staff expressed that the tutors were excellent! For the reason that they were always eagerly willing to shed more light on grey areas in questions asked -repeatedly no matter the difficulty of the explanation. It pleased the #FlexiHouse very much that our efforts did not go to waste. This further proved that our colleagues were masters of their field and possessed good teaching qualities.

Some of the trainees expressed that the session was most interactive and hands-on which was a basic requirement and had exceeded as a success. All in all the training was a success for FCE Yola and the Flexi-House would love to have them back for more sessions.

Pictures of the training can be found on our Instagram page, follow us for more updates on our activities!

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