Excursion Series: Our Great Day with I-Scholars

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

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Essay Winner

Everyone should learn how to code; it helps you think" - Aisha Mohammed, The winner of our short Essay contest. [/caption]FlexiSAF's Excursion Series is back and better, like we've been telling you about.We decided to take it up a notch and use our excursion series as a way to awaken more interest in tech among students. We started with I-scholars, we already have a good relationship with them and they were more than happy to come visit.

We had them over at our office for a couple of hours. After they tested distinction.ng (they gave us brilliant feedback we'll definitely be using), we talked to the students about everything from front end and back end design, and what it takes to build a website. We also shared leadership tips, watched short TEDx clips and used the opportunity to highlight our push for proper Guidance and Counselling in schools.

The students had fun with Virtual reality and at the end we organised a 10 minute essay session where each student described what they learnt during the visit. We got so many great responses and we wish we could publish them all (maybe we will) but at the end, there was only one winner and she got a pair of Google Cardboard VR glasses and a surprise cash prize.

It was exciting that they genuinely enjoyed their time with us; the students themselves described it as an incredible learning experience. We can't wait for the next school to come visiting.Get in touch with us if you'd like that to be you.

On that note, we are introducing our #WhyILoveFlexiSAF campaign on social media. Visitors to our office and also everyone interested stands a chance to win more even after the excursion. All you need to do is tag us in social media posts using the caption #WhyILoveFlexiSAF. Every month, the best post will be featured and presented with a prize.Good Luck!